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Set Up Your Social Media Manager for Success

An Turn-Key Solution For Busy Business Owners That Saves Time Both Now AND Later

There are two things that every small business owner knows about social media:

  1. Having a presence on popular platforms increases brand awareness, engagement and sales. In fact, a recent study by Nielsen found that 60 percent of consumers learned about a specific brand or retailer through a social networking site.
  2. Algorithms and benchmarks change daily and most of us aren’t reading the terms and conditions on a daily basis, so it can feel impossible to navigate these platforms.

But this doesn’t mean you now have to play the trend guessing game or hire someone new for social media.

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Don’t Worry, There’s a Door Number 3!

Outsourcing social media is consistently one of the trickiest things for a small business owner to do. (So if you’re struggling here, you’re not alone.)

Maybe you already have an internal team member in this position, but they are just starting out and your brand hasn’t experienced explosive growth on social media yet. Plus, they don’t have a system in place…

Maybe you feel like you can’t even properly manage your team member or social media manager or tell if they are doing a good job because you don’t have a full understanding of social media (and you don’t have the bandwidth to learn it all)…

Maybe your team member or social media manager is giving you tasks that you’re not able to manage or fit into your day (like endless amounts of “trending” videos to film)…

Plus, every time you switch agencies or your team member leaves, it is like starting from ground 0. Every new person sets up a new system and you don’t know how any of them work…

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It’s Time to Look at Your Social Media Position a Different Way

What if you could push a button and have a member of your team know how to…

  • Increase your online reputation
  • Interact with your audience
  • Carefully craft posts
  • Create branded graphics
  • Schedule and post content
  • Generate reporting and analytics

…all while operating within a repeatable and reputable system that you can understand — so there are no more social media-related  open tabs in your head?

It’s all possible.

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Introducing: How To Set Up Your Social Media Manager For Success

An Out-Of-The-Box Program That Teaches Companies How to Manage a Social Media Manager Internally

What’s Included:

  • Job Scorecard – So you know exactly what to look for and how to manage this position.
  • Daily | Weekly | Monthly Task Lists – So your team member stays on track.
  • Branded Graphics for your Social Media Manager to use – So they’re never flying blind.
  • Reel Review Process – So you always know what’s being posted and why.

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Who Are We?

Founded by Creative Director and Strategist Lauren Don, we are a boutique agency that has worked closely with dozens of companies in all industries to increase brand awareness and find success on social media.  

As a boutique agency with a tight-knit client roster, we decided to create this program so that we could reach more small businesses that needed it.

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I’ve been working with Don Creative Group for the past two years. Their marketing and branding skills accelerated my brand new business from zero name recognition to a household name within a few months. They are smart, professional and forward thinking.

-Dr. Nitin Gupta, Owner at Rivertowns Pediatrics

I cannot say enough about the impact that Don Creative Group has had on the growth of my small business. Over the past several months, they have helped me turn what was my side hustle into a full-time practice.

-Joanna Flora, Owner at Flora and Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program work for me if I’m not sure I have the right team member for the role yet?

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Will my team member have any support throughout this program if they have questions about the material?

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Do you teach students how to find trends and keep up with current demands of certain platforms (like TikTok)?

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What is the time frame in which I can expect to see results from my team member taking this program?

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