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Meet Our Team

Don Creative Group is maintained by a handful of exceptional, hard workers.

Lauren Don

Founder & Owner

Meet Lauren

Lauren is our incredible founder and the wind beneath the sails of DCG. She oversees all projects, manages our client meetings and the onboarding process as well as heads all our internal meetings. She is the heart of the business. When she’s not working Lauren loves to travel and spend time with friends and family as well as her adorable dogs, Millie and Thea.

•Runs Major operations at DCG
•Onboard all new clients and staff
•Creates scopes of work and finalizes approvals for all projects

Kennedi Bohunicky

Social Media Manager

Meet Kennedi!

Kennedi is our Social Media Manager. She ensures all client content exceeds expectations & is ready for each month. Aside from work, Kennedi loves to travel to new places and snuggle with her dog, Jesse!

Here at DCG, Kennedi works with:
• Content Creation
• Client Requests
• Email Automation
• Client Projects
• Team Management

Madison Doody

Client Success Manager

Meet Madison!

Madison is our Junior Client Success Manager. She communicates with clients to help move projects forward along with making sure the client is happy. Aside from work, Madison loves to travel with her two-year-old pup, Oakleigh!

Here at DCG, Madison works with:
•Client Emails
•Client Requests
•Client Projects
•Project Management

Douglas Lombard

Website Developer

Meet Douglas

Douglas is our Website Developer. As a Website Developer, Douglas works behind the scenes to build websites from scratch and also maintain them. Douglas loves gaming (especially playing Fifa and Call of Duty online), he loves camping and one of his main goals is to one day watch Manchester United live at Old Trafford.

Here at DCG, Douglas works with:
• Maintaining websites, keeping everything up to date and adding new content to existing websites.
• Developing websites from scratch.
• Working with DCG team website.

Kirsten Small

Graphic Designer

Meet Kirsten!

Kirsten is our Graphic Designer. She creates visual communications such as branding, creative layouts, motion graphics and marketing concepts. Her goals are to travel and she enjoys horse riding and digital drawings.

Here at DCG, Kirstin works with:
•Creative design works
•Motion Graphics and Reels
•Social media
•Print Design

Bree Catherine Claasen

Junior Social Media Manager

Meet Bree!

Bree is our Junior Social Media Manager. Bree handles content creation as well as ensuring Social Media projects move along smoothly. Always makes sure we are up to date with the latest research & trends.

Here at DCG, Bree works with:
•Content Creation
•Client Research
•Social Media Projects
•Trending Features

Sarah Bondo

Social Media Copywriter

Meet Sarah!

Sarah is a wanderlust-fueled wordsmith, she thrives on crafting content that transports users to another world. Her passion for language and adventure is evident in every carefully crafted sentence.

• Caption Creation
• Community Engagement
• Social Content Writing

Talia Nadine

Project Coordinator

Meet Talia!

Talia is our Project Coordinator. She organizes projects with clients & team members to help move projects forward. Aside from work, Talia loves to paint and draw! She also loves spending time with her dog Blanco and Cat Tika.

Here at DCG, Talia works with:
•Client Emails
• Team Notes
• Client Projects
• Project Management

Bongiwe Mntambo

Website Development Copywriter

Meet Bo!

Bo works closely with the website developer to write content for clients' websites. Bo also writes social media content for clients under the Social Media department.

Here at DCG, Bo works with:
•Researching client's target markets (their goals, pain points, struggles)
•Writing website content that speaks to target audience and sells client's offer
•Proofreading and editing written content