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The website does not stop at the design. Once it is complete, it still needs love and care. We’ll keep your plugins up-to-date and add any additional content you need. Your site’s safety and performance is our priority. We know you’re busy with your business, so we’ll handle all the backend for you, whether your website needs monthly, hourly, or yearly maintenance.

Security Protection

From Hackers

Your clients are trusting you with their personal information, and we want to help you maintain that trust. While many companies fall victim to data breaches and hacking, you don’t need to. Although big companies seem like the most likely target, small businesses are also at risk. Invest in your security now and keep you and your clients safe. 

Regular Software


It’s hard to keep track of all the software, plugins, and themes that need to be updated while running a successful business. Leaving them un-updated puts you and your website at risk. Performing regular software updates ensures your company is not left vulnerable.

Secure Offsite


Sleep well at night knowing your site and all your important information is backed up. Our maintenance plans include daily or weekly backups, so you don’t have to worry about your company’s data and security. Never worry about losing your data again.

Hosting and website maintenance typing and working

malware infection

Open Source Platforms

All of our websites are built using WordPress which is an open-source platform. Open-source platforms such as WordPress are built through a combination of a database and plugins which need to be routinely updated. These updates can provide updated features, functionality, and improved security.

Malware is a common issue for many websites. Most malware-related security issues emerge due to a piece of malicious code inserted into website files, as bots exploit holes left by previous WordPress versions and plugins.

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