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Keeping your social media real but yet trendy can feel very difficult at times.

Where everyone is showing the cliche highlights of their life, traveling, or showing off their dinner. It is easy to get caught up in comparison-ship from one account to another. Show off your brand by showing real moments and by showing your true authentic self, whether it be goofy or straight forward. Being authentic and creating that real content can be so intriguing and create a deeper meaning with your audience.

By creating your own original content, this will provide the audience a deeper connection to you and the product you sell. Try not too copy other brands or business because this will create a fake connection with your audience.

A brand needs to be true and hold value to it in order for it be a good brand. When a follower knows that the person they are buying from is genuine, they feel as if they are making a good choice by supporting you.
A few things to keep in mind when you are creating content is: Honesty, Critical Thinking, Being Real, and Use Your Voice. Be honest with your audience and don’t try to cheap them out with a product/service you know is bad. Think before you speak, and don’t let your thoughts override your voice. Be authentic and find out who you really are and what you stand for. Lastly, use your voice to speak up about your product/service, thoughts, or opinions.

All in all, people love when they see real. You can tell when someone is faking it to become that top influencer or to make a sale. However, those will only be short-term goals and that will not create a sustaining evergreen business. If you want to make reels, posts, or any social media post, you will have to learn who you are and what you are about. Once you have that knowledge about yourself, you will then realize that posts will become easier to share, as well as, reels.