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Why should I be using Pinterest for my business?

If you’re living and on the internet you probably already know what Pinterest is… Pinterest is a visual search and discovery engine. It’s an app filled with an endless feed of photos all related to your interests, things you’d like to do, things you’d like to buy and any content that you have ‘pinned’ on the app before. Pinterest is a favorite for many since it’s much less overstimulating than other social media platforms and will only show you pins of content that you’ve engaged with before. Using Pinterest to promote your business is way underrated as a marketing tool, it can be a powerful driver of organic online traffic and it in fact the number two driver of social traffic.

What is Pinterest SEO and how do I make it work for me?

Pinterest is at its core a search and discovery platform, and so, optimizing your pins, profile and content for Pinterest is very similar to optimization for Google. Just as we see with Google and other search engines, SEO and keywords go hand-in-hand.

Optimizing SEO and keywords on Pinterest starts with your Pin Title, this could sound something like “5 Must Have Products for Deep Cleaning Your Home ” and if you happen to be in the industry and produce cleaning products you could then center the entire list around your catalog. The Pin Title must be set manually when uploading your content. Think of your Pin title as a compelling headline! Keep the most important text at the beginning of your Pin title where users will see it, the first 30 characters of 100 are more likely to appear in the feed.

Use keywords in your Pin Description: the pin description is where you want to include additional keywords that relate to your topic. If you need some inspo for keywords, search up your topic in Pinterest and you’ll see various options of what people are searching for on Pinterest and use that information to select keywords! It’s important to keep the same strategy for your board names and make use of keywords and alt text. 

Keywords on Objects IN your Pin image, this is an easy way for your pin to stand out and reach the right audiences! Pinterest can ‘see’ our images and identify items in our pins and this is also why you should feature your products prominently in your images wherever you can!

How we do it all and more for you!

Here at Don Creative Group we’ve built an arsenal of online tools, software, apps and learnt industry knowledge to help your business thrive online and off! We know how overwhelming Digital Marketing can feel with all these algorithms, rules and programs to remember, that is why our dedicated dream team does it all for you! From printed merchandise, organizing conferences, social media to website development, we’ve got you covered! Set up a call today and let’s get your business out there, the Don Creative way!