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Frustrated with your business and trying to gain more followers? So, now you’re thinking about buying followers from a random account off of the Internet. Well, let me say that this is a bad idea and listed below are a few reasons why.

1.) Credibility:

Having a lot of followers is one thing, but having real followers is what you want. Purchasing followers can hurt your credibility because fake followers will not comment or like on posts. Also, if you’re caught with fake followers then this can make you lose followers. Your audience can tell if your account and followers are authentic.

2.) Inactive Followers/Bots:

Not every follower is a fake bot, however it could be an inactive account. Fake/inactive accounts are created to simply gain from others such as, getting follows and likes by being inactive. Some of these followers may show early engagement or spam like comments and this will drain your account from a real audience. Fake accounts/inactive accounts are solely there to get what they want.

3.) Instagram Purges Bots:

Instagram bots are simply everywhere and you can’t avoid them. Most of these bots are fake and have automated responses towards other people on Instagram. Some bots may seem organic, however don’t let this fool you. These bots usually have fake profile pictures, stolen images and names. It is essential that you have an organic following, because if you don’t then your posts will be hidden from potential clients and yet it is being shown to your fake bots.

4.) Can Distort Your Performance:

If you are paying for fake followers, then your account may be in trouble. Authenticity plays a huge roll when it comes to your audience. If you are paying for fake followers then you will not get as much engagement and likes. When you have a real audience, Instagram will not ban you from other videos and present your video within the algorithm. All in all, when it comes to thinking about buying fake followers.. just don’t do it. The reason being is because fake followers cause more damage than organic followers.