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Invoice. What a dreaded word that can be. Tedious admin tasks aren’t exactly fueling your business-running fire, are they? 


But we all have to do them. Invoicing is a part of the small business life… especially if you want to make money. Now sure, there may be a few out there who would say “Invoice schmimvoice– I don’t need to make money. I’m loaded enough as it is!” 


Neither of us would dare say those haughty (and somewhat made-up) words. So, invoice is it. 


But what if there was a way to cut back on invoicing time? What if you could focus your attention on the business tasks that excite you… and let the invoices flow automatically? 


Lucky for you, platforms like Keap let you do just that. 

How To Automate Your Invoices:

Connect an Online Payment Software

In simple terms, you’re going to need a Paypal or Stripe account. Assuming you have one, you’ll simply connect your account to an invoicing platform, like Keap. 


Go to SETTINGS and then PAYMENT PROCESSING. Here, you’ll select your currency and link your Paypal or Stripe account. 


Remember to also allow for credit card payments; that’ll be helpful later. 


Fill in Customer Contacts

Once you’ve connected your Paypal/Stripe account, you’ll need to start filling in your clients’ information. Do this by selecting CONTACTS. From there, you can add new contacts and sort through your existing ones. 


Pretty easy, right? 


Send an Invoice

Now you’re ready to collect some cash! 


Click on the customer you’d like to invoice, then go to the PAYMENT section and click ADD PAYMENT INVOICE.  


Since you’ve already filled in your customer’s contact info, all you have to do is name the service you’ve provided… and now sending an invoice is as simple as a click! 


You can even make this an automatic monthly payment… even less time devoted to the dreaded invoicing!


AND this automation makes it easy for your customers too– 


When they receive an invoice from you, they can easily click the link for credit card payment. And if they want you to, you can even enter their card info for them…  


Less hassle all around! 


You’re All Set!

Tada! You’ve now set up your automated invoicing system… and you know what that means? 


Those repetitive admin tasks are a thing of the past. Now, you can spend a lot less time on invoicing and A LOT more time on the parts of your business that excite you. 


Invoice. Not such a dreaded word now, is it? 


If you need help creating your invoice automation system–or want to use Don Creative Group’s Keap software at https://doncreativegroup.com/keap/–reach out to us today!