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Today everything and everyone is online and most of us rely on the digital world for our news, our communication, our shopping and more. Under this phase of a modern industrial revolution we see new jobs and industries spring up just as they did when machinery came about in the 1700’s – what this means for us is that content and digital marketing is now a part of our daily lives whether you’re in the industry or not.
And if you’re reading this it’s likely you’re in the industry or at least interested in it and we won’t hold up the line any further and so let’s dive into the top 10 Digital Marketing mistakes to avoid in 2023.

7 Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

  1. Creating Irrelevant Content:
    • This is first on the list because relevancy to your industry and audience should be first priority when creating content and marketing strategies for your brand. Without relevance you won’t see engagement from your prospects and subscribers/followers. Create content that educates and inspires and motivates to see those clicks!
  2. Not Engaging With Your Audience
    • By answering customer questions, responding to comments and even resharing other industry related content you’re bound to see more organic engagement. This shows your customers and followers that there is a real person behind that social profile or website and this is what helps people believe in what you’re selling.
  3. Not Using A Mix Of Approaches
    • Variety is the spice of life and it’s no different in the online world. Sticking to one approach or content format is boring and repetitive – when scrolling through your feed or website your prospects should see a variety of media. Creating blog posts, sharing images of the product and how to use and throwing in some video content makes your online presence richer. Using a variety of approaches and formats will widen the reach you have!
  4. Not Incorporating The Nature of Your Product/Service
    • To make good sales one has to study the nature of one’s product/service and the demographic it’s meant for. If your company sells athletic wear but all photos of your stock are flat-lay it may not sell as you’re not taking into account what people do in your clothes and so you’ll want action shots of people working out or on adventures in your gear! Remember what you’re selling and who you’re selling to when creating your content.
  5. Half-Hearted Promotion Approaches
    • When you half heart the efforts towards promotion it can be felt and seen – a lack of engagement and excitement in your tone and actions can be seen and felt. If you aren’t sharing your promotional material, telling your followers about sales or hosting the occasional giveaway it starts to feel like the company may not care about what they do and sell – and no one is going to believe or buy into a company that doesn’t seem to believe in what they do and sell.
  6. Not Being Aware of Your Vision and Goals
    • The biggest downfall is not knowing where you’re going or would like to go with your product/service. Being unaware of your goals, your tone of voice, your audience and your values can have you experiencing a loss, either in engagement, interaction or even profits. Having a goal helps us see what we want to be.
  7. Not Being Creative
    • Just as variety is the spice of life, creativity gives us and what we do some flavor too! No one wants to see their feed flooded with copy and paste versions of the same content – focusing on new avenues, developing a stronger voice and finding new means of expression and creativity keeps people interested and helps you get that sale. We all love shiny new things and we all love new, shiny content that feels creative and fresh!


Here at Don Creative Group we know how beneficial social media and digital marketing is and we know it can feel overwhelming to stay on top of all the rules, tricks and to stay on a posting schedule. Lucky for you, we do it for you! Book your consultation call today and let’s get your new social media and marketing strategies underway.