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1) How To Increase Traffic To Your Site With Content & Social Media

Balancing all the running parts of a business including the website and online marketing coupled with social media would feel overwhelming for everyone. There are so many fine details to take care of and we can’t do everything alone. There are some insider tips from the Digital Marketing Industry that do make it a little easier though – let’s dive into it!

Have A Business Blog

Your business needs to have a blog. Blog pieces are some of the most organic revenues of traffic for websites now and have been for many years. When you share useful, long-form content you see more engagement and returning clicks and customers. Companies that share blogs get 97% more links to their website while businesses that blog also get 55% more traffic to their site than those that don’t. Focus on evergreen topics that are relevant to your audience rather than always trying to hit fleeting trendy pieces of content where engagement fizzles out.

Write sexy headlines!

Your headlines are one the key elements of your content, we see this for ourselves every time we click on a juicy YouTuber video because of the title and we see it in the statistics! Studies show that effective blog headlines drive 500% more traffic (you can read all about it in more detail here).

One of the main ways anyone can increase traffic to their website is through content creation and social media – having posts that link back to your site and that purchase or check out button. Remember these tips next time you post!

Promote Your Content On Social Media

Posting on services and blog pieces on your website is the foundation of a good business – but it’s not enough. You need to be sharing your content to the most popular social media platforms for your audience too! Twitter is a great place to share short, snappy, quirky and tempting links and Google My Business will help you show up in local search results.

Add Hashtags

Adding industry and location relevant hashtags to your content is an excellent way to boost traffic! Keep your hashtags specific to your topic and audience and location so the people who are most likely to share, read and link to your content will find it.

2) How To Increase Traffic To Your Site With SEO

The tips above will always remain useful as practical ways to boost your traffic, however they won’t really work if people can’t find your website. When we look at the fact that the first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic links it becomes obvious that everyone needs a good SEO strategy.

Use Target Keywords

Using targeted keywords in your headlines and the body of your content is key! Keywords are words and phrases used by people on search engines as well as social media. Using keyword research tools and programs helps you find high-ranking keywords in relation to your audience and industry. Adjusting just one keyword in the sentence ‘how to increase website engagement’ only gets you around 10 searches a month while ‘how to increase website traffic’ gets 300 searches per month. It’s obvious which one would make a better blog topic isn’t it?

Link internally

Creating links to other pages of your site in your content is an easy way to boost traffic – when you add at least 1 – 3 links to other pages on your site on one page or post it helps you keep visitors on your website longer, allows them to get more value from your site and gets them to view more pages boosting your CTR too.

3) How We Do Both and More For You

Now there are just a few nuggets of wisdom here but the real gold comes when we combine all of these and dozens more tricks and strategies coupled with in depth research. Studies show that when investing in Digital Marketing, building strategies around User Experience and Interface brings a ROI of $100 for every $1 spent.

Our powerhouse of Social Media Engagement Experts, Website Developers, Graphic Designers and Copywriters come together to take care of all the details of your online profiles on the most relevant platforms. Invest in your business and work with us to build your business dreams! Book your consultation call today!