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When you share visual elements like images along with a blog post or article you give your subscribers and readers a more nuanced browsing experience. These images also play a key role in search engine optimization or your SEO strategy, today we’ll be sharing a few ways you can make your images more SEO friendly.

How To Make Your Images SEO Friendly

  • The first thing to remember is that your images should reflect the content and help your readers understand your overall message. Make sure to place your images close to the most relevant text and to position the image you’re trying to rank near the top of the page.
  • The next thing to keep in mind is to resize your images – your image size refers to the actual dimensions of the image and the file size refers to the amount of space it takes up, eg. 70 kilobytes. Images with a higher resolution have crisper details but often take up more space and can even slow down the webpage’s loading time. A good way to work around this is to use the lowest resolution without affecting the user experience or making the website look subpar. If you’re working on Photoshop you can always use the ‘Save for Web’ feature when saving your images.
  • Use descriptive alt texts! Google and other search engines can’t read your images or rank them, but you can write a descriptive text known as an alt tag or alt description. Be very specific when writing your alt tag, if your image is a woman in a robe applying a facemask your description should read “woman in robe applying facemask.” Don’t use the phrase ‘an image of’ when writing these descriptions and remember to avoid keyword stuffing and make sure each word is purposefully describing the image.

How We Do It All For You

Here at Don Creative Group we have a powerhouse of a team filled with creatives, web developers and digital marketing experts who all come together to provide you with curated content for your business. Book your consultation call today and let’s get your new branding and marketing strategies underway!