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Google and Facebook ads are among the most popular advertising platforms due to their reach, impressive conversions and powerful analytics. But do you know which one is best for you? There are a few criteria to consider when making the choice between the two: ask yourself what your advertising budget looks like, where do you want to meet your target audience on their buyer journey and what is your specific goal? (e.g., generate sales, boost brand awareness, increase phone inquiries, etc.)

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads – Which One To Choose

Google Ads allow you to connect with your audience on any step of the buyer’s journey thanks to the host of campaigns such as: app campaigns, video campaigns, Google shopping ads, search network campaigns and display network campaigns. Google has dominated the search engine industry, making up more than 92% global market share as of June 2021. As a result, its paid ad platform is a go to PPC platform for digital marketers around the world. Google’s advertising offerings are categorized into two basic types, the search network and display network. The Display network uses visual ads (e.g. banners) that focus more on boosting brand awareness than driving conversions. However, the Search network is a group of search-related web pages and apps where your ad campaign appears, allowing your advert to show the closest search results when a person types the terms related to your keywords.

How We Do It All For You

We know that keeping track of all this information and trying to remember every tip from every blog and Youtube video can be overwhelming for any one person, that is why we do what we do as a team. At Don Creative Group we are powered by a team of incredible creatives and digital marketing experts who do the work for you. Book your consultation call today and let’s get your new marketing strategies underway!