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1) Introduction

In a male driven world we see a huge lack of support and recognition for female led foundations and communities. While we live in an era of postmodern feminism we don’t often see that feminism actualized, especially in the workspace. It can feel difficult and disconnected for a lot of women to be forced under the leadership of a male boss – we connect best with people who look and feel like us. Holding space for and honoring female founded communities is a huge part of what we do at Don Creative, with a female founder and a team made up of a powerhouse of women, we take the steps to bring our voices and talents to the forefront.

2) What is a female founder community?

Female founder communities create and provide a collaborative space and network for women entrepreneurs to share tips and resources. These communities create the opportunity for fundraising, finding sponsors, mentorships and feedback. Female entrepreneurs connecting with other female entrepreneurs and mentees are the crux of these communities and spaces.

3) Why are female founder communities important?

Empowering women is at the forefront of equality, lifting up and celebrating female voices and actions are one of the ways we can actively make a difference in the world, especially when it comes to workplace politics like the pay gap and unequal hiring practices. Female founder communities hold space for open conversations like never before, we can freely talk about the limitations we’ve faced at work, our grievances with these  systems and our ideas all while creating a network of like-minded and powerful women who are stepping up to the plate and ready to play. These communities are made up of circles of women hiring and helping other women in the workplace. There is a sense of community and trust within these circles, a sense of community and trust that a lot of women haven’t felt before or have been alienated from.

4) Real Examples of Female Founder Communities

We believe that female founder communities, like work and opportunities for growth, should be easily accessible. And so we’ve compiled some online Female Founder Communities that you can gain access to from home and network without spending hundreds of dollars on travel and meet and greet fees. 

Surge Women on Discord is a fantastic network to join, this group focuses on onboarding and securing women’s place in Web3. This Discord channel is made up of courses, educational content and a jobs board to help women in web find financial security and freedom while gaining a network of support through empowerment. 

Girlboss Community is an all rounder network, this is a platform centered around empowerment for working women. Girlboss is a community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, side-hustlers, career-pros and gig-economy workers to exchange ideas, ask questions, collaborate and connect with each other. 

Another fantastic network is Women Make, an online network dedicated to female entrepreneurs, makers and Indie hackers. This is a safe space that holds space for open conversations around funding, work and collaboration opportunities, feedback and support. Tackling issues like how you can beat imposter syndrome to maintaining a healthy mental diet while working, to listicles about funding and grants, Women Make is an excellent platform to get you on your feet while feeling confident and supported in your new ventures.


Throughout all ages and stages of life, we can never forget how vital a sense of community and security is for our lives and wellbeing. Navigating life in a marginalized body can feel exhausting and isolating, that’s why communities and networks like these are so important. Through Female Founder Communities we are reminded and empowered to make and find fantastic contacts and find opportunities and support with people who look like us and feel safe.