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At this point we have all read, written or shared a blog with a friend or colleague – a blog is one of the easiest ways to drive organic traffic to your website. Consistently adding content to your website and sharing that content on social media platforms does wonders for engagement as well as your SEO ranking.

What To Write On Your Blog

If you’re unsure about what to write on your blog it’s good to start with asking yourself who your customers are and what they want to hear. Sharing content and knowledge that relates to your industry is a great way to direct viewers to your site but also helps boost your inbound marketing, which happens when your marketing encourages people to come to you and your team for expert advice.

Have a plan

Think about what your overall mission is and what kind of content will get you there. If, for instance, you own a winery, you may want to write about the history of your wine, the benefits of different kinds of wines and various wine pairings. Writing this kind of content will most likely drive those readers to browsing your site and buying a bottle or two. In this case you want to come across as helpful and not pushy, at no point during this blog piece will you have a big red sale banner splashed across the page. By simply stating that a glass of Merlot is good for heart health and mentioning that your favorite Merlot is one of your own you’ve already made your pitch.

Do you want to delight, generate or save?

In the above example we see how the content both delights readers and how it can generate a new sale. Content that may save customers money or time could be a post explaining how to use your product, reasons for returns and how to avoid malfunctions. If your company is a WiFi provider and you see people call in with problems that have simple fixes (like a reboot) then you could write a blog piece about troubleshooting which would save them the time spent on a phone call as well as

Trying to keep track of all these tricks when it comes to copywriting, marketing yourself or your business can feel like a time-suck but that’s where we come in! Here at Don Creative Group we have a powerhouse of a team made up of creatives and digital marketing experts to help you grow your online visibility and your business. Chat to us and book your consultation call today!