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If you’re reading this blog, it’s no doubt you already know the power of social media marketing. Social media marketing is a great way to connect with your target audience and location audiences too. Today we’re sharing some insight about how to use each social media platform to its fullest potential with each algorithm in mind

Different Social Media Platforms for Different Purposes

  1. Facebook:
    • Facebook is a platform that works for almost every business. Their paid ads are more expensive and require more maintenance than other platforms, but Facebook is one of the most populated social media platforms with over 2.95 billion users worldwide, so it’s easy to see why it’s worth the time. Facebook comes with a handful of benefits like: allowing users to create an email list, drive traffic to user’s websites and the option to create private groups to interact with customers and personalize the customer’s experience with the brand. These are just a few of their benefits though, but overall the platform is fantastic for brand awareness and advertising.
  2. Instagram:
    • Instagram is one of the social media platforms that has the highest rates of engagement and something that is definitely worth investing your time in. It’s one of the platforms with a younger audience, an audience that is more likely to repost user-generated content. Instagram is an excellent platform for story-telling, with Instagram it’s easier to build followers organically as compared to Facebook. It generates a high level of engagement without a paywall, in fact, one study showed that Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 84 times higher than Twitter, and 54 times higher than Pinterest.
  3. Youtube
    • Youtube is ideal for brand awareness, promotions, how-to’s, tutorials and entertainment. When it comes to sharing long-form content and more in depth information, Youtube reigns supreme over TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. If your company often uses text-based content like blogs, PDF files, and e-books, it’s ideal to back them up with videos, which are suitable for tutorials, product descriptions, and press releases. With Youtube you’re able to target your audience with Google Ads for video and reach people overseas.

How We Do It For You

Here at Don Creative we’re backed by an incredible team of creatives and Digital Marketing experts who do the work for you. We know when to post and we know where to post what. Book your consultation call today and let’s get your new marketing and social media strategies underway!