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Creating Instagram Reels can be one of the best ways to engage with your followers. However, creating a reel can seem a little intimidating. Trying to find the best trend or audio can be hard to find. However, here are a few tips and tricks that may help you with this problem.

1.) Create Original Content:

Originality is your best option when making a reel. Creating content that contains educational or entertaining topics will attract more viewers. Keep in mind something that will make you stand out from your competition. If you are goofy, then portray that to your viewers and don’t hold back.

Taking an existing trend and adding your own perspective to it, makes a new variety of content. Instagram has confirmed that creating original content as a reel boosts the algorithm. Therefore, the more original you can be the better!

2.) Include Text and Closed Caption Videos:

Sometimes your viewers are in a position where they can’t have their sound on. Therefore, why not provide them to still view the reel but with closed captions. This is also a very valuable aspect to your deaf viewers. To add video subtitles, you can click the smiley face box up top and select the “captions” sticker. This may take a few minutes to transcribe but once this is finished you can go through and make edits if needed. Make sure to center your captions where it is visible to your viewer.

3.)Encourage to “Click Link in Bio”:

The best way to encourage your audience is to provide a CTA to your link in bio. This will drive traffic to your website, as well as, engagement from your viewers. This could be done with text on your reel, verbally saying the CTA and etc…

4.)Share Your Reels to Your Feed:

Your best shot at going viral is posting your reels to your feed. Sharing reels to your feed is one of the best ways to increase views and engagement. So, make sure you turn on the button “share to feed” before posting. If you want to keep the aesthetic of your profile, you can simply replace the cover image with your own.

5.) Avoid the Tik-Tok Watermark:

If you have made a Tik-Tok and want to share it on Instagram, you are going to have the watermark for Tik-Tok. Instagram notices these posts with the watermark and hides them from the algorithm. In order to remove the watermark, you will have to download a removal app. Fair warning that the quality of the video can be minimized by third-party apps.