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Read on to learn tips for making your social media platforms the places to be, as well as what to avoid if you want to keep your audience!

1. Don’t Be a Beggar

Begging for retweets and likes is a desperate look, and no one is attracted to desperation. A better look is posting valuable content that people can’t help but want to share!

2. Don’t Spam People

You know the feeling when you skip certain accounts’ stories because you know it’s just going to be more of the same self-promo that they’re always posting? Those accounts usually don’t keep followers for long. It’s fine and even desired to post content often and to even repost content, but do it deliberately and time it right! 

3. Don’t Be a Whiner

Misery loves company, but not the kind that pays! It can be tempting to commiserate about your business woes under the guise of creating relatable content, but don’t go there boo! Complaining is not a good look, and it doesn’t attract the kind of customers that will help your business to grow. 


Writing in all caps is just plain rude! It’s fine to capitalize a word or two every now and then to EMPHASIZE a point, but abusing that Caps Lock button comes at the potential cost of alienating your audience. 

5. Don’t Overdo the Hashtags

The subtle use of hashtags is a beautiful thing! Overusing hashtags is kind of like that kid in high school we all knew (or were) who tried to be all the things to all the people. You know the one, who went from goth to punk to sporty to joining the military? 

Kudos to them for figuring their life out, but it can be confusing and put off real spammy vibes to your audience when your hashtags are all over the place. Choose a few solid hashtags and use them strategically! 

6. Don’t Be Predictable

It’s good to be reliable, but if you’re sharing the same posts or messages over and over again not only is that boring, it’s also annoying, or bor-noying if you will. Be innovative with your content! You can share a common message in many different ways if you just put your mind to it (or hire a copywriter to do it for you!). 

7. Don’t Share Fake News

It’s reaaaaal easy to share content just because it aligns with your pre-existing beliefs. The trouble with that comes when the content is not actually fact-based, and is simply appealing to your personal confirmation bias. 

Do your research before sharing posts (particularly ones that contain controversial content or news about current events), and make sure that the account that originally shared the post is one that you don’t mind having your business associated with.

8. Let Go of Expectations

If you’ve ever started a money-making blog from scratch (or a business, for that matter!), then you know that it takes time to build up your clientele. Posting on social media is the same way. 

Don’t get discouraged if your posts only have a few likes, shares, comments, or views, and keep the faith that as long as you are consistently posting valuable content, you are on your way to building a solid social media following. 

9. Avoid Copy Pasting Content

Sure, some social media apps make it easy to share the same content on multiple platforms, (for instance, sharing your Instagram stories to Facebook) but that doesn’t mean that you have or even want to! 

Some content is totally fine to share unedited on multiple platforms, but it’s always a good idea to be mindful about what and where you are sharing, and to change text or images as needed to make them a better fit for certain platforms. 

10. Don’t Get It Twisted

Yes, people can buy followers or form groups whose primary function is doing weird F4F campaigns. But are those people truly your target audience? Does it matter if you have 10k followers if most of them are preteen clout chasers?! 

Don’t worry too much about how many followers you have, and focus instead on providing high quality information and entertainment! 

We hope that you are able to use some of these social media tips to grow your own business, but if you find yourself still needing a little help in the social media realm then not to worry.

We have a team dedicated to social media marketing and strategy who are ready and willing to help you to create a custom plan for your business. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help!