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1) What does buying followers mean?

Buying IG followers is exactly what it sounds like, there are a host of different sites where you can buy followers for Instagram – for example, some sites will sell 1000 followers for $10. The idea of buying followers stems from the premise that any social account with a high number of followers is seen as more legit or more successful.

2) Should you buy Instagram followers

For a business to thrive one has to do things ‘the right way’ and that doesn’t mean some antiquated way of thinking from businessmen in the 1950’s but doing things ethically and running your business from a place of honesty and transparency. When you buy Instagram followers to project an image of success it’ll be just that, an image. Those bought followers are not true supporters or customers and may not even give you the engagement you were hoping for from 1000 new followers.

3) Does buying Instagram followers hurt or help your brand?

If we look at the facts (as well as engagement rates) we know that those bought Instagram followers are just that, followers. A lot of the time those followers are made up or spam accounts or run by bots that will not actually engage with your content, that means no extra likes and no true comments that don’t look like they were computer generated. Most people on the Internet can spot a bot comment from a mile away, and if that’s what makes up a majority of your comment section you may end up scaring real, potential followers and clients away. We all hate spam emails and we all hate spam comments and likes from strange bots on Instagram – purposefully flooding your page with them is not a sustainable way to grow your account.

4) Conclusion

Now we know the effects of buying followers and how it’s actually more harmful than helpful – the best way to drive up engagement is through organic marketing and SEO strategies. The way we work at Don Creative Group is by researching your industry, niche, audience and analyzing your tone of voice to create curated content that resonates with your followers/subscribers – and lucky for us we’ve got the best team to do so! Book your consultation call today and let us build a stronger brand for you!