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Over the past few years, Instagram has been a booming social media platform to promote businesses, big and small. As you may have noticed, Instagram Stories have been growing in popularity. These stories allow companies to provide a look into the everyday life behind their brand, something you may not see posted on their main profiles. 

58% of people using Instagram Stories stated that they become more interested in a brand or product after seeing stories about it. So, how can you get started using Instagram Stories for your brand? Here are a few ways:

Engage With Your Followers

Your followers are your followers for a reason. They either like what they see or want to learn more about your brand! Posting stories on Instagram is a great way to interact with these followers. Keeping a general theme on your page is important to attract your audience, but stories allow you to provide a look into your brand in a more personal way. Instagram Stories has stickers that you can integrate into your story posts. These stickers include Polls, Quizzes, Suggestion Boxes/Questions, and so much more! These features are a direct way for your followers to respond to and give their input on different topics. Another sticker provided on the app is a Countdown sticker. This can keep your audience engaged when you are counting down days to release a new product, drop a sale, or until an event! A countdown can keep them coming back for more. 

Promoting Products And Sales

Can Instagram Stories directly increase your sales? The answer is YES! Stories are an amazing way to rope followers into visiting your website. 50% of people visit a website after seeing a product featured in a business’ story. Another amazing feature Instagram provides is a “Swipe Up” feature. When users swipe up on your story, this takes them to your full website. If you are a small business, it is important to know that in order to receive the swipe-up feature, you must have 10k+ followers. Your profile must also be a business profile, not a personal one. But, this doesn’t mean small businesses can’t get there. You can! Keep up your engagement and following, and you can gain more followers than you think. Tagging your products with Instagram Stories lets users see more about a specific product they are interested in. For example, if someone wants to learn more about a dress you are selling, they can click the tag and see more photos of the product, details about the dress, and pricing. This opens a new screen for followers to bring them further into the world of your brand! 

Show Your Brand’s Personality

Instagram Stories is a way to feature your brand in a unique way, aside from your themed profile content. It is the perfect way for followers to learn more about you and your business, personally. A great way to connect with your audience is by posting videos, sneak peeks, and promotions! Show your followers what you do on an everyday basis. Whether it is interacting with your team and introducing them, showing behind-the-scenes footage of completing a project or celebrating birthdays and anniversaries of your team members, these aspects will keep your followers smiling and coming back for more. Creating relationships with your followers can, in return, develop loyalty among these potential customers. It is better to have a small group of invested followers than thousands of followers that do not support your business. Give them a look into your brand and what you do, and they are more likely to engage! 

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