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Successful businesses all have one thing in common–they are dependent on a system that allows them to grow exponentially. CRM stands for customer relationship management software, and is a system that allows you to safely store and easily access and analyze data from both your leads and your clients.

CRM Automation is the Best Way to Manage Your Leads

People love personalized content, and keeping notes on your leads and clients is a great way to keep track of what your audience wants, as well as organize people based on their purchasing history and sales behavior. CRM automation helps you to pull this information instantly so that you can generate more leads and convert more clients without wasting time and money.

How CRM Can Help Your Sales and Marketing Campaigns

When you set your sales and marketing automation campaigns so that they work with your CRM, you can set up automatic follow ups for potential leads, create a nurture series for people who are already in your sales pipeline, create customized marketing campaigns that are designed to attract your target audience, and much more!

A big mistake that many businesses make is wanting to expand their reach, get more clients, and grow their revenue, but not having a system in place to support that growth. When you don’t have a reliable CRM in place, you run the risk of losing track of information, forgetting to follow up on leads, not getting paid, and losing customers due to a low quality customer experience.

The key is to do the types of things that you would do once your business is the size you want it to be, and that takes a certain amount of foresight and imagination. Luckily, there are smart, awesome people (ok, yes, we’re talking about ourselves) who have already scaled their business and know the exact tools and systems to use that will guide you through the processes that worked for them!

Essential CRM Processes That You Can Use Right Now to Help Your Business Grow

The following is a list of some of the best CRM features for growing your business. Take a look and see which of these sales, marketing, and payment approaches would help make your life easier and your business more robust!

Follow Up

Follow up is super time consuming, and requires a quick response time. If you don’t reach out right away when a lead shows interest, they’re liable to move on to the next business that offers a similar product or service. CRM automation enables you to send automatic emails as soon as the contact lead form is submitted. When users submit a form, it can also trigger an automatic invite to set an appointment or book a call, or start a long-term drip marketing campaign.

Manage Appointments

Sending new leads a link to an appointment setting interface is a great conversion strategy! Your CRM can send these links automatically, as well as appointment reminders and information, so that you don’t have to consume resources trying to figure out a date and time that works for everyone, and your prospect can cancel or reschedule without wasting time getting input from you or your team.

Say Thank You

You know that Thank You card your parents made you send Grandma year after year? They weren’t trying to punish you, they just knew how much it meant to Grandma! And if, year after year, Grandma kept giving you gifts without receiving a Thank You card, well, do you think you might have started receiving fewer gifts? Probably not, Grandmas are awesome that way, but for the point of this post let’s just say that saying “thank you” is important because it makes the person you’re saying it to feel good.

Saying “thank you” to your clients after they make a purchase can help to convert them from one-time consumers to loyal customers. With CRM, you can make thanking clients easy by setting up a thank you response that shows them that you appreciate their business.

Manage Your Sales Pipeline

No matter where your leads are within your sales pipeline process, CRM can help keep them moving forward to the next stage by tracking their movement and automatically encouraging them to take the next step.

Ask For a Google Review

If you’re not already using Google Reviews as a part of your marketing strategy, it is absolutely time to start. Most people look to online reviews before making a purchase, and happy customers are usually glad to leave a review…if you ask them to!  With the right CRM system, you can share a customized Google Reviews link with clients once a sale is completed, making leaving a review super simple.

Collect Payments

Use your CRM to add a “Pay Now” button to your invoices, create friendly automatic payment reminders, and connect your billing software so that payment activity is directly linked to your contacts.

Abandoned cart reminders can also be used to let customers know that they still have items waiting for them to purchase that they may have gotten distracted and forgotten about!

How to Choose a CRM Tool

If you’re ready to see how the right CRM tool can change your business (and your life!), then give us a call! At Don Creative Group we’re always researching and testing different automation services so that we can recommend the perfect solution for your business. Contact us today to find out more!