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Building your own website is one thing but, incorporating your branding into your website is everything. Bringing your brand into your website is an easy way to expand your clientele, and grow your business. If you have a website and aren’t sure how to incorporate your branding within the website. Here are a few ways that can help.

1.) Have a Clear Goal for Your Brand:

Create a mission statement for your brand and think about what your brand stands for. Your brand isn’t just colors and themes. The main goal for your brand is to provide why your client is choosing your compared to other competitors and to build a bond. Come up with a few questions to ask yourself such as: “What differentiates me from others,” or “What does my business stand for?” By writing down a few questions and answering them will help with your branding.

2.) Have a Form of Content Strategy:

Research new trends, products , or stories within your niche and create blogs. Try to create new and engaging content consistently, this can be from 3 times a week to 5 times a week. Figuring out when your audience is online can also help you get more views when you strategize what time your viewers are on. Posting longer forms of content are keeping the reader engaged and spending time on your website. Another way to create engaging content are Reels or Tik-Toks. Whether it’s blogs or videos, just keep posting consistently and this will show your viewers that you are engaging.

3.) Find the Right Outlets to Spread your Website’s Message:

Regardless of what your website is about, it’s important to create different ways for your viewers to access your business. There are a plethora of channels that you can promote your business on. However, finding a few that work for you will do just fine, such as: Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook and etc.. Find other businesses similar to your niche and learn from them on how they use their social platforms.

4.) Think About Your Site’s Layout:

Your color choices and theme are important to your branding and your website. However, the most important factor is to make sure to have your website as easily accessible as possible. If you have services or products make sure there is a shop button in the top left of the page. Your logo should be within the tagline on your website ,as well as, mission statement. Making your website simple and accessible for your viewer will help you tremendously.

5.) Stay Consistent:

Posting new content consistently is very important to your business. You don’t have to post everyday, however try to strategize from previous posts and see when your viewers are on. For example, you can do this through Instagram’s insights. Take some time and find a few days of when you think you can post consistently week after week. This will help build your client’s interest in your business and keep them coming back to your website.