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1) How do you find your voice and audience?

A huge part of successful Digital Marketing is finding your brand voice and your audience – the two go hand in hand and when you get to know both you can see higher rates of engagement and customer loyalty! The first step in finding your voice is knowing which industry you fall into and from there finding your specific niche. A company could sell a bunch of different clothing products and just fall under Fashion but if their clothes are made with recycled materials then they would fall under Sustainable Fashion, knowing this we can easily find their audience, which would be sustainable consumers who look for products that are Green. Now we know their audience and voice and can start tweaking their marketing to those people.

2) Which social media platform works best for which marketing?

  • Now we all know that the most popular social media platforms today are Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest (although Pinterest is more media than social). When figuring out which post should go where it’s important to keep a few key questions in mind, like what are your specific social media goals? If you’re looking for reposts of your product photographs and matching the aesthetics of your products to people, then Instagram is the place for you – there is an endless list of businesses that have gained success through their Instagram profiles, these companies also often have a consistent Instagram feed and that consistency, that color palette catches people’s eyes and jumpstarts their curiosity.
  • If your strong suit is short, witty taglines then go to Twitter – Twitter is all about short form writing and doesn’t take too much effort or energy but a simple retweet can connect you to hundreds and thousands of people and prospects. If it’s your videos (like tutorials on how to use your product) that are your strong suit then go to TikTok – the TikTok algorithm is so sensitive and audience centered that no matter your follower count, your content will show up on the For You Page of some interested in the very thing you’re selling (that is if you’re throwing in the right keywords in your captions and hashtags) – Instagram is a great place for video sharing too but those who work in Social Media know that the trends and popular sounds are shared on TikTok before they trickle down to Instagram.
  • Facebook may not be so popular with Gen Z, but with over 2.85 billion users it still remains the most used social platform 2009 and is still a legitimate place to build your business’ reputation – your business profile on Facebook can receive customer reviews, help you broaden your reach and also connect with locals in your community. If your business is only based in one physical location a great way to reach more people would be to share your products and services to local business groups and even community groups (eg; if you sell baby products in Tampa, Florida then join a group for Tampa Moms and share your products there).

3) How does DCG do it all for you?

Here at Don Creative Group we kind of consider ourselves experts in this very topic, working in the Digital Marketing Industry gives you a keen eye for spotting audiences, niches and the small details in marketing. We do all the research on your industry, competitors, your audience, your current branding and use all of that to craft your unique tone of voice and weave that into content curated specially for you! Chat with us today and let’s make your social media presence reflect the best of your business.