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1) How do you find your target audience?

Finding your target audience and engaging with them on a regular basis is an easy recipe for success as well as customer loyalty. Finding your target audience depends on the industry you’re in and the niche you fall into within that industry, for instance, a beauty and skin care company falls into the Health and Beauty Industry, however if all their products are vegan and all packaging is recyclable they’d fall into the niche of Sustainable Skin Care and that would make their typical target audience vegans and consumers focused on ethical business practices. Finding your target audience is only the first step towards building a solid brand, the next is gaining their support and brand loyalty through interaction and connection.

2) How do you connect with your target audience?

Use the power of social media to connect with your target audience! Social media is where we see all trends emerge and thrive and also where we see trends die – becoming more active and aware of your social presence and those who interact with you online is key. Now we can use all of these little tools and hints scattered through the trends on social media to connect with our audiences, but consistent engagement comes first. Engaging with your audience can be as simple as responding to the comments on your Instagram page, following a few familiar names back and sharing content that isn’t just based on selling something (this can look like an industry-related Instagram poll or a giveaway or even just sharing a meme that your audience will relate to). No matter the size of your account or your business, engagement rates must stay high and consistent for you to see more interaction with your brand from your audience themselves.

3) How do we help connect you to yours?

Now we all know how social media can sometimes feel daunting and can feel overwhelming to be present online everyday. But that’s where we come in! With Don Creative’s team by your side, the stress of social media is lifted off your shoulders and placed into our knowledgeable and loving hands. We love everything social media and will take of everything – from creating new curated content from, to scheduling posts to taking over your social media interactions with the help of our brilliant Social Media Team. So, are you ready to make your online presence a dream? Reach out to our team!