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1) What does Tik Tok’s new feature do and mean to you?

Tik Tok, one of the most popular social media platforms, known for being behind trending sounds and sayings (those sounds and sayings trickle into Instagram and it’s reels too), the app popular for hauls and product reviews and morning routines has given it’s users an inside peek into all rising trends and their statistics. Content on Tik Tok and the trends that come with it are split into categories with all the different ‘For You Pages’ and the five most popular trends and niches are:

  • Self-care champions
  • Recipes and food videos 
  • Financial services
  • The power of co-creation
  • Gaming culture

Knowing what the most popular content categories are combined with these rising trend reports from Tik Tok make for an easy recipe for success. Utilizing your niche and target audience has never been easier, people seek a feeling of belonging and when we create communities online that share inside jokes in the form of trending sounds, or shared products fresh off the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt phenomenon we see online personalities and online business booming.

2) How can we help you?

We know all about the power of trends and engagement and have long been compiling our own trend reports, with viral sounds and the content categories they fall into all neatly packaged in one document. We do the research behind leading soundbytes, trends and niches to curate customized content for you – from TikTok to Instagram to getting into local and relevant Facebook Groups we make sure to cover all our bases and get you into all the right spaces. Chat with us today so we can help your business dreams come true!