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1.) What happens when you stop sharing content?

Thanks to an article shared by Paper Jacket, a content marketing company similar to ours, we have recent, real-life proof of how slowing down your content turnout hurts not just your online presence but your company and its profits too. 

Paper Jacket saw a huge rush of sales and incoming clients at the start of 2020 (when we all thought 2020 was still a good year) but soon after the pandemic hit their content turnout started slowing down. The pause in the world that came with Covid 19 forced everyone and everything to slow down, this trickled down into the flow of business for many companies, including Paper Jacket and many others. They spoke of staying on top of their client’s content and slowing down on theirs to eventually a halt on posts overall. After 9 months of a slow trickle of content creation Paper Jacket realized that they had gone through almost 30 days where they signed no new clients or even set up new client meetings. There were no clients or revenue lost but there was also no new revenue or clients coming in – things had come to a standstill and the biggest problem for a business set in, nothing was happening.

2.) Why it’s important to stay consistent – top of mind

With attention spans getting shorter and trend cycles turning over faster and faster, it’s important to stay at the top of the feed to stay on top of people’s minds. When we post consistently we send out constant reminders of what we do and how we’re different from similar accounts/businesses. To have someone look at your content for just three seconds and give it a like is a small but powerful moment. In the article by Paper Jacket, they tell us how just one week of posting content resulted in a boom of new meetings and clients – just one week and they’d already bounced back from stagnancy! The same concept applies to any business online, while you may not see a drop in sales from a decrease in content, you certainly won’t be seeing any huge increases in clients.

3.) How do we help you stay consistent?

As a company built around social media marketing and strategies we already know all this, we know what it means to be consistent and we know how to stay at the top of the mind. With us you not only get automated posts on all social media platforms but curated content too, built off the research on rising trends, sounds, reels and Tik Toks based on your niche and industry. Let’s talk about how Don Creative Group can help you stay at the top of the feed and the top of prospects’ minds!