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Are you curious as to why businesses have their own blogs? If you are a small business then blogs are an excellent tool to use for expanding your audience.

What is a Blog? 

A blog is a piece of content that provides valuable content to your audience. A blog is not a promotional speech that you are advertising about your business. The content should range anywhere from helpful tips to topics in your industry. The blog should be about a page long or you can make short reads for your audience. All in all, blogging is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s authenticity, making your brand trustworthy, memorable, and relatable.

Why do I need a Blog?

People want to know from you about what you have to offer to them.  You should have a blog because it gets noticed by Google’s algorithm, drives traffic to your website, generates new leads and results. A blog that is true and relatable will cause an organic engagement website to your site. Every time you post a new blog,  google and other search engines help get your page found once you post.

Will it help my Social Media?

Absolutely it will help, and it will also help increase customer relationships. Every-time you create a new piece of content/blog, you can repurpose that blog and share it across different platforms. By constantly staying active and sharing content, you are offering your viewers how you work and what you do. This is giving you a chance to grow and connect with your audience about different topics you will talk about. Make sure to add a CTA to the bottom of your posts, this will help others engage with your page.


If you are looking for long-term and organic results then blogging is for you! Remember to create a blog that your audience will learn something new to engage in, whether it be about the industry you’re in, an educational topic, tutorials, or helpful tips.  Getting an organic following takes time, so don’t worry if your first post doesn’t do that great. Just keep posting good valuable content for your customers.