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Branding and marketing are often confused with each other. Marketing and branding do overlap with each other, however they are completely different. However, knowing the differences between the two will help you accomplish more goals for your business.

What is Branding?

Branding is your identity as a business. Branding comes before marketing because if you don’t have a brand then what will that say to your audience as a business?  Visuals, your mission, logo, color palette, and fonts are all apart of your brand identity. Branding is all about how and what are you speaking to your audience. If you don’t create a brand then there is a reason why your audience wants to go to a competitor. Your audience wants to connect with what they are purchasing and the emotional aspect of your brand.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is all about promoting or selling a product/service. The difference with marketing is that marketing increases business sales and branding builds trust in your audience. This includes a lot of researching your competitors, advertising, and your branding.  Common things to strengthen your marketing is by strengthening your brand. Make sure your website is updated, your social media is up to date, and no broken-links.

How Both Work Together.

Marketing and branding work hand in hand by connecting with your audience and maintaining a healthy balance between both. When a customer supports your business, it means they trust your brand and what you stand for. Branding is what brings in the community but marketing is what makes this connection complete. The best way that branding and marketing can work together is to find what values your audience has and what platforms they are on. Keeping a healthy balance of both marketing and branding is essential for your business. Leaving parts of your branding or marketing behind is not going to reach as many people as you would like. Therefore, you will have to organize your priorities and to not leave any information out about your business branding or marketing.