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1) Introduction

Marketing is largely about what meets the eye, logo marketing even more so – if your logo is eye-catching it may stop a potential customer in their tracks and have them spend a little longer in the grocery aisle or on their Instagram feed looking at your product. That extra little bit of attention makes all the difference in the world especially when we remember that the average scroll time on social media is roughly 2 seconds – so that extra glance or a halted binge scroll can make or break a potential sale. Investing in professional logo design and redesign is certainly worth it. One of the most famous logo designers in the world is Paul Rand and he’s the genius behind the logos for Enron and NeXT (both of these companies were and are household names and it’s no surprise that their logos helped them stand out from the crowd). Rand was charged $33 000 for Enron’s logo and $100 000 for NeXT’s logo – this tells us enough about how much these respective companies believed in the power of logo design.

2) Why It’s Worth Investing In Professional Logo Designing

  • Your logo is the face of your brand – and you want to make sure it’s the best it could be. A company is more easily recognized by its logo than by its slogan or even the company name because a logo transcends language and can be easily recognized across the world. This is why it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. A great logo designer does more than just work on Photoshop, they need to have an understanding of marketing, how the brain functions and what our brains relate different colors and images to. For example; in China red is associated with love, however in Chad, red symbolizes unluckiness – these things will slip most people’s minds and can detrimentally affect an entire country’s perception of your logo and in turn your brand.
  • A great logo leaves a lasting first impression and isn’t easy to forget – if we think about Windows we immediately think of their logo made up of 4 squares or if we think of Apple we instantly see the signature apple with a bite taken out of it. These logos are simple and easy to decipher.
  • When using a professional logo designing service you’ll get mockups of your logo in a range of different types, sizes, fonts, colors and formats. Not only is it important to have a range of different visual mockups but it’s just as important to create different formats of your logo, for instance a print shop will most likely require an .eps file while a web design company may only need a .png. On top of having different versions and formats of your logo, a professional will also create and share your logo in the best possible resolution so you don’t lose any quality when sharing it online. This is why we don’t recommend using Photoshop to design your logo as it often pixelates the image when you try to blow it up.
  • Find a design with staying power, one that feels timeless. You may see that companies tweak their logos to appeal to new design aesthetics or fashion or even a campaign – however the core elements of the logo don’t change. Companies often change their logos for different seasons, holidays or special events but this is all done subtly as they know that a huge redesign may keep their customers from recognizing their logo. Having a logo that is simple but connects with your core customer base and your target market is very important. And with all this said we have to remember we live in a highly digitized world and how your logo looks online is just as important as what it looks like when it’s printed. A professional will always keep in mind the dimensions, colors and sizes of your logo to make it versatile for print and digital media.

3) How We Do It At DCG

Here at Don Creative Group we see how a poorly designed logo can negatively affect business – this is why we do what we do. Our Graphic Designer works with all of the above mentioned criteria and more in mind when designing your logo so that we can utilize the power of branding and even human psychology to create the best possible logo for your business. Book your consultation call today and let’s get your new marketing plans underway!