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1) Introduction

Branding and Marketing are both key elements of a successful business, your brand identity is what gives your business character, it’s what tells the story of who you are and what you do. Your brand identity tells everyone who you’re speaking to with what you offer – your color palette, font and overall look of your logos as well as graphics play a huge role in defining your brand identity too. Now your marketing comes into play after all of your branding is nailed down, your marketing gets potential customers to buy what you’re selling but it’s your branding that gets them to stay!

2) What is Branding?

The Oxford dictionary defines branding as the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design. This encompasses everything that makes the brand unique and the factors of its design that make it memorable. Coca Cola is the perfect example of a company that’s locked their branding down, when you see those swirly white letters on the red background, you already know what it is, even when it’s not printed on a can or bottle.

3) What is Marketing?

Marketing is defined as the activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. One company that’s excelled in marketing would be Redbull, building their foundation with their catchy branding with the slogan; ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ to hosting extreme sports events across the globe, Red Bull branded themselves as a high-quality energy drink and proved themselves to their target market by hosting these events where participants needed high quality energy drinks to take part these sporting events.

4) Why is Branding and Marketing Important?

As we see with the examples listed above, a successful branding and marketing campaign can make your company soar in credibility and profit. While we all love the idea of an aesthetically pleasing brand simply for the aesthetics and quality, we also know that these thought-out aesthetics lead to incredible profits and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Investing in your branding and marketing campaigns is the gift that keeps on giving. When target market research, trend analysis, the design and creative team all come together, you find yourself with well-thought out and curated marketing and branding strategies. The biggest finance magazine in the world, Forbes, has also spoken in favor of investing in these sort of campaigns and working with marketing agencies.

What does good branding actually do for your business?

  1. Brand Individuality
    • Living in a modern, consumerist world has shown us all that there are dozens of the same kind of products, on the same shelves in every store. The insatiable need for the latest, slimmest smartphone  and the latest limited edition color of that insulator cup is something that we’re all familiar with, but we also know that a new slimmer and faster smartphone will be released the day after you get yours and that limited edition cup will be replaced with the next national holiday edition. Customers won’t stay loyal just because something is the cheapest product on the shelf or because it comes in an unidentified trendy neutral shade, what makes for loyal customers is a loyal brand – this means keeping your tone of voice, theme and your quality consistent and unique to your company!
  2. A Long Lifecycle
    • With good branding you won’t get that ‘one-hit-wonder’ bag of sales but rather long-term profits and long-term customers. Of course you’ll see profits roll in from good branding and you could leave it at that, but if you invest and capitalize on the results of your branding campaign you can see your brand spawn a long life-cycle and use that success to further hone in on and appeal to your niche audience and build a brand for both the present and future. It’s easy and quick to create something that’ll go viral on TikTok for a day or two but once the next influencer shows off the latest gadget in their next GRWM, the sales for that gadget go up for a few days until it is forgotten and replaced – aiming for long-term life and success is the road worth taking and won’t have you hopping from trend to trend trying to break even.

4) Closing

As we are met with marketing, advertising and branding strategies on every street corner, on every billboard and every ad on TV, we simply can’t deny the power of marketing! Honing in on your niche, finding your target market and making your brand identity individual are the steps to success in modern business.

We want to help you find your niche and a loyal customer base while breathing new life into the face and voice of your brand and business. Don Creative Group knows branding, we know marketing and we know it like the back of our hand – start working with us today and see success come your way!