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1) Introduction

Marketing Automation is something we’re very familiar with at DCG – it refers to the programs that automate, streamline and measure repetitive activities like email campaigns, frequent social media posts, CRM and ad campaigns. Automation can sometimes get a bad rap because some see it as cold and impersonal as it reduces human intervention in these processes. However, we know that humans get tired, they get bored, busy, and sometimes forgetful and we know just how much automation processes step up and show out when it comes to these margins of error. But now let’s dive into our do’s and don’ts for marketing automation.

2) Do’s and Don’ts

Do Regular Clean Ups of Your Database

When your data is clean it increases productivity and provides high-quality information which helps you improve the buyer’s experience. The four key things to look out for are:

  1. Identifying and removing duplicates
  2. Make sure everything is uniform 
  3. Remove junk and inactive contacts
  4. Set up alerts

Do Put Everything Into One Place

Choose a solid CRM like WordPress (our personal favorite) to increase productivity, keep everything in one place and nurture your relationship with clients while enhancing internal organization and time management. A good automation system will operate and sync with other programs to make for a pleasant and efficient software ecosystem.

Set Up Campaigns To Keep Existing Customers

When you remember that signing a new client is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one it becomes easy to see why it’s so important to do the work to keep existing customers. An easy way to do this is to send out regular newsletters and to share content on social media that resonates with your customers.

Don’t Set and Forget

Now while automation helps us avoid missed posts and deadlines we cannot just set and forget when it comes to content marketing. It’s still so important to analyze and adjust your content and to look at your insights. You still need to pay attention to how your online presence interacts and connects with your clients and followers. Manual engagement cannot be forgotten – while we love the help that automation gives us it does not interact with your followers in the same way people do; by liking and responding to comments and reposting content.

Don’t Blast Subscribers With Copy and Paste Content

If it seems like your email campaigns aren’t getting any leads and things seem quiet, you need to readjust and reanalyze the actual content of your campaigns rather than relying solely on an automated ‘send to all’. Automation does not mean your content has to be cold or boring – if you’re regularly engaging with followers and subscribers and creating well-thought out and personalized content you’re sure to see more leads than you would with cut and dry spam.

3) How we do marketing automation at DCG

At Don Creative we know automation softwares well and even have our personal favorite, but we know that the best content comes from real people who provide real interaction with real experiences. Our team (with some help from some automation systems)  works together to create curated content for your business and its unique voice to best resonate with your audience and demographic regularly. Reach out to us today so we can help you connect to more people, more leads and find more engagement.