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Sales and marketing automation help you to automatically complete daily business functions, saving you time, energy, and money, while also helping your company to enhance customer service and increase sales. 

Marketing automation includes sending email drip campaigns, which is when emails are sent to a targeted audience after they take the desired action, such as downloading a freebie or signing up for a newsletter. It can also include sending thank you messages and other follow-up messages, as well as posting scheduled social media content. 

Automation can be used to manage payment details and schedule appointments and uses when/then templates to guarantee lead follow-up. All of this automation means faster and more effective customer service that is designed to target your ideal customer. 

Personalized Customer Service Experiences Lead to Increased Sales

Sales and marketing automation is designed to create a personalized interaction with your customers, which enhances the customer service experience and increases sales rates.

When people receive a customized experience it makes them feel like their needs and desires matter to you, which makes them more likely to do business with you and to keep coming back in the future. 

Marketing automation supports your business in providing that customized experience as well as helping you to capture leads and automate follow-ups, which frees your time up to focus on the bigger picture.


Quick Response Times Mean You Don’t Miss a Sale

A Keap customer survey from 2020 shows that when people are looking for a service if they don’t hear back quickly from the first place they contact almost half of them (44%!) will take their business to the next company. 

In other words, your customers aren’t like a teenager with a crush, willing to sit around doodling hearts around your name on notebook paper while they wait for you to respond to their message. In fact, they’re more like a college student after a breakup, ready to update their dating app and go out with the first eligible person they see!


Cutting Edge CRM Systems Help to Drive Sales

Combining a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that is designed to organize your leads based on their preferences, purchasing history, and other key behaviors with sales and marketing automation is the best way to transform leads into repeat customers. 

When your CRM is driven by marketing automation, you can use landing pages on your website as well as social media platforms to capture leads. A sales automation system then personalizes follow-ups based on your leads’ data and activity. 


Sales and Marketing Automation Saves You Time and Energy

Automation takes all of the hard work of capturing leads and simplifies it, guiding the customer from their initial contact form to their first appointment, with no external input necessary.

Reminder emails about customers’ appointments or other products or services are sent automatically. Automations also ensure that you receive payment for your services, and also send thank you emails to your customers for their business. 

It’s not really until you stop focusing your energy on all of the little details that go into pursuing leads and converting them into customers that you truly realize how much time and energy you save and how much you can get done when those minutiae are automated.

If you’re interested in learning more about how sales and marketing automation can save you time and help you to scale your business, then book a call with us today and let us help you to get automated!