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For a long time, link sharing on Instagram was limited to verified accounts or those with tons of followers, but not anymore! As the Bob Dylan song goes, the times, they are a-changin’, and Instagram is showing how listening to and responding to users is the key to customer satisfaction.

Instagram has announced that they are interested in supporting creators and businesses in expanding their audiences and have now made link sharing accessible to everyone, regardless of their account size.

How to Add a Link to Your Story

Adding a link to your story is easy with the use of the Link sticker. The sticker is a clickable feature that will redirect your audience to the linked location.

5 Step Process of Adding a Link Sticker

  1. Take a photo or video using the live capture feature, or upload the content for your story
  2. Click the sticker tool at the top of your screen (it should be the third icon from the left at the time of this writing)
  3. Type in “link” in the search bar, then select the Link sticker
  4. Type the URL that you wish to share and then click “Done”
  5. You can move the sticker anywhere on your story, as well as change the color of the link by tapping on it

Instagram is working on creating ways to show users a preview of the linked site when they tap on the link in your story.

Don’t Get Zuckerberg’d!

If you want to keep your link sharing privileges, you will need to pay close attention to Instagram’s Community Guidelines. If you are found to be in violation of any of these guidelines, Instagram reserves the right to remove your account’s ability to share links…or remove your account altogether.

Important Instagram Rules to Be Aware Of

Any content that can be construed as hate speech or misinformation and is repeatedly shared on Instagram is grounds for having link-sharing privileges revoked. Other Community Guidelines violations that may result in deleted content or disabled accounts include:

  • Ignoring copyright laws and posting copied content
  • Posts that include nudity (except in the cases of breastfeeding, birth, surgery, or protest)
  • Engaging in follow-for-follow activities
  • Breaking the law
  • Bullying
  • Posts that include sadistic or graphic violence

If you’re worried about posting content that could result in having your account disabled or deleted, it’s always better to err on the side of caution, especially if it’s your business account. Think about what you’re trying to say and what kind of effect it might have on your audience and your business before posting, and your account will most likely remain unscathed.

And as always, if you’re looking for help with managing your business accounts on not just Instagram, but all social media platforms, Don Creative Group is here to help. Check out our social media services and schedule a call with us today to find out more!