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1.) Be Consistent:

One of the hardest parts about social media is being consistent. The best way to keep your audience entertained and following your account is to post regularly. This will show your followers that you are loyal to your business and brand. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone passionate about what they do and showing it to others. By posting consistently, your followers will want to engage more with your content that you provide.

2.) Collaboration/Mention Others:

If you are working with someone or collabing with them, make sure to mention them in your story/posts! Even if it’s already in an Instagram Story you can repost it onto yours. This will increase your engagement and expand your audience reach because it allows the other person that you tagged and their audience to view your profile.

3.) Post Polls, Stickers, and Questions:

A great way to interact with your followers to get to know them a little better is by posting Stickers, Polls, and Questions onto your story. You can ask your audience any question such as, “What did you have to eat today,” “What exercise routine are you going to try next,” “What movies have you watched recently?” and etc… You can also post a question sticker of “Ask Me Anything” and this will allow your audience to get to know you better as well. The swipe meter option is also a great way to ask your viewers if they like/dislike a specific food, exercise, diet, routine, or etc…

4.) Post Instagram Stories Regularly

Stories are very helpful to your audience because it is 24 hours and they can go back and view it as many times as they want within that span of time. You can use these stories however a-lot more efficiently with the time restriction. Once you post a story select highlight at the bottom of the story, then create your highlight template name and you can repost other stories under that template or make a new one. By posting a story everyday, this lets your audience know that you are keeping content fresh everyday. This will create a schedule for followers to come back and look at your stories consistently. Remember you can also include hashtags in your stories as long as they’re relevant to your story.

5.) Stick With One Filter:

Instagram is a visually perceptive platform that entices others with their visuals. Sticking to one filter and using it for your stories or posts is appeasing to your audience. So try a few filters and see which one fits best for your branding that provides a certain uniqueness to it. Instagram already has pre-installed filters, however you can try other apps such as InstaSize or Adobe LightRoom.