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Creating a website is a great way to start developing your business online. But, simply making a website without maintaining it can lead to a website crash. Before a website crashes, it will begin to slow down. 

When a site is slow, it steers away potential customers. A slow site with no maintenance can also provide easy access for possible hackers. In order to prevent your site from being compromised, it is important to install updates and plugins. 


What is website hosting? Website hosting is a service that allows businesses to post their website online for others to access. Web “hosts” provide space on a server for businesses to rent or own to post their site. 

Web Security

Protecting your website online is key to maintaining a safe online presence. This goes for both your business and your clients. By purchasing an SSL certificate, you can protect your site from cyber attacks and keep information safe. 

Updates & Check-ups

Through constant theme updates and checking your website for any connection issues, you can be sure your website is fast and secure. This requires frequent maintenance, so if you do not have the time to keep up with your site, consider hiring someone to help! Don’t leave any space for hackers to access your information. 


Many small businesses start with a small marketing budget. But, when you do not have the time to place into website maintenance, it is beneficial to find an agency to work with. This also allows you to partner with a company that specializes in maintaining websites. Meaning that they know what to do and how to do it! Be sure to do your research before partnering with just any agency, as you want to ensure they are reputable with good client reviews. 

In order to keep your website safe, efficient, and up to date, frequent maintenance is required. This keeps you, your company, and your customers/clients protected! We want your business to succeed and grow, so don’t let your website turn away potential clients or customers. 

The website does not stop at the design. Once it is complete, it still needs love and care. We’ll keep your plugins up-to-date and add any additional content you need. Your site’s safety and performance are our priority. We know you’re busy with your business, so we’ll handle all the backend for you, whether your website needs monthly, hourly, or yearly maintenance.

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