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There are so many different aspects that make a great website. Your website is a direct reflection of your brand that is portrayed to those that visit your site! If your site is too complex, it may steer people away. Making your website easy to navigate and use by your potential customers can increase your website traffic tremendously. We want your website to be successful. 

Here are a few elements that you should have within your website…

Landing Page

Your landing page is the very first thing that users see when they arrive at your site. A landing page should be clear and concise. Making this page visually appealing will draw in your audience to click through the rest of your website. Use this as an opportunity to make an amazing first impression! Spark the interest of your potential customers by including a logo, brand name, and small introductory statement on the page. Let them know who you are and visually introduce them to your brand.

Website Navigation

Your website should be simple to use. This means users should be able to easily figure out which buttons/tabs to click to get to where they want to go. If they want to read more about your company, they should be able to quickly find your “About Us” section of your site. If you are a business that sells products, they should quickly access the product page they are looking to potentially purchase from. Keep your verbiage short and sweet. Long, technical words can turn your audience away. Your tabs should say exactly what users will see when they click each one. If users understand what they are looking at,  they will stay on your site longer!

About us Page

Almost every website you visit has an “About Us” page. This page gives potential customers a deeper look into your brand, who you are, and what you do. This is a great opportunity for you to give personal information about how your company began and what inspired you to start it. You can also provide fun facts about your family, lifestyle, and life experiences! Users are more likely to purchase from companies that they feel connected with. Getting personal with potential customers can gain their trust and loyalty going forward. Keep things positive and create a relationship with the customer through your “About Us” page! 

Include Payment Options

If you are a business that sells any sort of product (such as clothing, art, skincare products, candles, and more), give your buyers different payment options! It is 2021 and technology is very advanced. There are so many different methods of making a purchase these days. Giving customers the opportunity to pay by Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal, or by making multiple smaller payments per month can increase the chances of them completing a purchase. Everyone is different and they may have a different preferred payment method than the buyer before them! Allowing different payment options may inspire a buyer to go through with a purchase that they may not have otherwise. 

Color & Theme

When users move throughout your website, they should see a theme. Keeping your color scheme and fonts consistent can give your company brand identity. This means anyone that visits your website will associate a certain look with your brand. Choose a color scheme that resonates with your business and what you sell. Anytime customers think of your company, they will think of your colors and logo that left a lasting impression on them. Any changes that you decide to take down the line should be changed throughout the entirety of the website. Consistency is key! 


Various elements come together to create a GREAT website! Putting in the extra time to develop a personal and unique site can truly pay off. Your website is a direct reflection of your brand. Showing others who you are, what you do, and why you do it can initiate a relationship with your customers. A trusting company creates a sense of loyalty. And, with loyalty, come returning customers! 

A website is a crucial part of your business, however small or large it may be. People judge the authenticity of your brand by viewing your webpage. Showing them what your amazing business has to offer is only one click away. In order to attract the right customers and clients, make your website stand out! Your website can affect your business in so many ways. Make it a positive lasting effect with an update.

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