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Instagram is still on the rise! Small businesses, as well as large companies, use Instagram daily to build brand awareness. It is easy to track your following and your likes, but one thing businesses do not realize is that in order to monitor performance, it takes much more!

While increasing your engagement on Instagram may take more time, it is not hard to do.

Here are a few ways you can track performance and engagement to grow your brand…

Pick The Best Time To Post

The time of day that you post can affect your engagement! It is important to research and post when your target audience is most active. The more your post generates engagement, the higher it will fall on the feed of your followers. This allows more users to see your posts and thus, interact with them. Instagram analytics can assist you in time tracking and help you find the best times to post. Going by a generalized search can help you narrow down a timeframe, but often, users are in different time zones. So, it is best to use your own analytics to choose the very best times for your business.

Tell Stories

Your followers can get lost if you are posting marketing material back to back. Use your platform to captivate the audience with images, videos, testimonials, and quotes! Your captions can be a great way to tell stories about your brand. You can explain how you started your business, what inspired you, and what keeps you going. This gives your followers a deeper look into your brand, rather than what is just on the surface. When people feel connected with your content or your background, they are more likely to share it with their friends and followers. 

Use Instagram To Increase Website Traffic

Adding your website in your bio can help increase your website traffic with one click on Instagram! Some ways to boost your traffic, even more, are promoting sales and special offers. This can encourage your followers to click your web link and take a look. Using analytics software, you can view which content is encouraging people to head over to your website. Take advantage of one source to promote another. If you are doing well on Instagram, your website traffic can easily follow! 

Track And Identify Your Best Performing Content

Keeping track of your best-performing posts can help you gear your content further toward your target audience. This can help you identify what they like to see and want to see more of. Check out your best-used hashtags, most liked visual content and colors, and times that your posts created the highest interaction. Tracking your own content is an amazing way to focus on what you are doing well, and what you can improve on or develop into something greater! 

These tips can sound time-consuming, and we won’t lie…they can be. But, it is not hard to do and can benefit your business immeasurably. Using your own performance to better your brand is far more effective than using the analytics of a generalized company to create results. 

Your audience is unique and so is your brand. Show the Instagram world what you have to offer!

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