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It’s easy to post content and use social media for your own personal purposes. However, when it comes to your business, this can be completely different from what you’re used to. Constantly trying to find new ways to get your business recognized and finding new trends can be tiring. So, here are a few tips that can help your social media with your small business.

Have a Blueprint:

Make sure all of your  branding, information, website, products, links to your business and anything important related to your business are up to date. Next, have a blueprint of what platforms you want to post your content on. Create a Facebook page for your business, so you can keep up with your insights. Find other platforms to post on such as, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, Google Business, and etc..

Next, figure out what your content will be about for each month. You can do this by creating a content calendar. Make sure that your aiming for content that will be valuable to your audience. This can be answering a most frequently asked question, a funny story, an important announcement, and etc.. Try to aim to post about 3-4 times a week and different topics for each post.


Figure out what your competition is and also what your demographic you are wanting to reach. Finding your competitors gives you an idea of how others market themselves and how they connect with their audience. Try and learn from your competitors about what makes them stand out compared to you. This way you can get an idea of where in your business needs improvement. Another important subject you need to research is, demographic. Try and understand who you are trying to to reach and how you will reach them. Are you reaching for a younger audience that is mostly on Tik-Tok, or an older audience who uses Facebook more than Instagram?


Connections are so important to your social media. Connections can eventually lead into collaborations which means, their followers come to your page and vise versa. The pros about having a small business is that you get to authentically talk to your customers. So try and find people within your industry and drop a comment on one of their recent posts. When customers  engage, connect with them and ask them a question. Asking questions, can increase engagement because others may be interested on the conversation as well.

Use Analytic Tools:

Make sure to check on the insights tool for each app you use. For example, Instagram post stories have insights, so you can see who engaged with your story or your Instagram page. Each platform has an analytics tool that you can use to figure out when your audience is on, so that way you’re able to find the best time to post. Another analytic you can use, is you can create a Facebook Business page so that way you are able to manage your comments and look at insights.

Mix Your Content Up:

No one likes the same content format repeatedly, so that’s why you keep changing up your content. The content per week can be a reel once a week,  then a carousel (pictures and videos) 1 or 2 days, and then still images (for the rest of the week). Just make sure to make your content is valuable. Quality over quantity is the best way to get yourself noticed.