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Looking for a unique way to showcase your brand? Introducing…Facebook stories! Just like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook now has a story feature that allows users to see your post for about 10 seconds. This allows you to share a photo or video with your friends without directly adding it to your profile page. 

Here is a guide on how to effectively use Facebook stories to your advantage:

Stories Create Urgency

Stories can only be viewed up to 24 hours past the posted time. This makes shared information, such as promotions or deals, more likely to be acted on quickly. If your viewers are interested, they will take advantage of the opportunity to participate before the story goes away. Users can also message you directly in response to a story. So, this can create a community setting, allowing you to respond and interact with the user. 

Posts Can Get Lost

With the number of people on social media, your post can get lost in the mix. Someone may log on later in the day, missing your post from that morning. But, creating a story keeps you at the very top of their feed and makes it easy for the user to scroll through. This allows you to be seen more often amongst your competitors who may only post to the direct feed. Not many businesses participate in stories, which could really make your company stand out. You have the opportunity to be seen more than other businesses. If you have the time and ability to utilize the story feature, your business will thank you. If you do not have the time, consider hiring a social media marketer/manager to take over your content management. 

Increasing Engagement

Your story can highlight specific specials and sales. But, you can also use them to bring more attention to a recent post to your feed. Like we talked about before, your post can easily get lost in a sea of followed users. Sharing your own post to your story can entice users to head over to your profile to see the full shot. This increases traffic on your story posts, and now your profile. Create some curiosity in your stories that make people consider checking out your profile page for more information. Add a sticker or a GIF to give followers a hint about what is happening over on your page or website! 

Give An Inside Look

Facebook stories are easy to flip through without disturbing users. This gives your business the opportunity to catch their eye. Giving people a look inside a personal day-in-the-life of your company can create a picture of reality. Let them see who you are and what you stand for. If users don’t like what they see, they can flip to the next story. But, if they do like what they see, you have yourself a potential customer or client. This provides a unique way to reach an audience you may not have reached otherwise. The people of 2021 like raw, realistic brands. So, go ahead and give them a sneak peek on your Facebook stories!

You do not want to get lost in an ocean of competitors. Utilize stories on all platforms to highlight your brand. Facebook stories are a great way to increase traffic to your profile, and thus your website if the user wants to dig deeper. Social media is growing and your business can too!

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