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Do people stop and interact with your content, or do they scroll past? You want your content to be inviting so that people will like it, and act on it. There are so many ways to create attractive content, you just have to put in the effort! Here are some ways you can get your audience to engage with you, and in return, help you develop brand awareness.


You want your content to reflect the needs of your target audience group! Make content that is likable by this group. Use unique ways to reach them and interact with them. Inform your audience about what you do and ways they can learn more. If you are a social media specialist let your followers know why you do what you do and how it is beneficial for businesses. Your content can also be funny or inspirational. Keeping your target audience in mind, decide what angle will work best for your brand based on who you are trying to reach. For example, if you are a social media specialist, you may opt to show the end results of social media pages and how they gained business followers and customer interaction! 

Becoming Known

A challenge that businesses face on social media platforms is being seen. You can create the most amazing content, but unless it is seen and recognized, it will not be effective. Millions of posts are being created every day, and it’s easy to get lost in the mix. A good way to become known and seen is by choosing the best platforms to showcase your content on. If you are trying to reach a younger audience, Instagram is a great option. An older audience? Facebook is a great way to connect. But, most of all, PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT. Boost your posts and put in the extra money to really exercise your options to advertise. Each platform has different ways of “boosting” your content, take advantage of them! Join groups, share posts, and take the extra steps to be seen.

Create What People Will Like

Check on your engagement levels to determine if people like your content. If they do not like it, they will not look deeper into your business. Using analytics to see your posts with the most engagement and the least engagement can help you figure out what content performs the best! Try playing around with new posts and see if they do well. If not, try a new post, and so on. Keep your content flowing and try to keep a pattern for your brand. Consistency is key when trying to reach a specific audience. Use your most liked posts as a base, and create from there!

Make People Engage

Who will know your brand if they do not engage? If you want to be recognized by your audience, interact with them and start conversations. Answering user questions, responding in a timely manner, and sharing your brand’s personality can create loyalty amongst your followers and potential customers. You want people to like your content, but even more, you want them to like you as a business. Show users the brand behind the profile. Be honest, authentic, and show them who you really are. This can truly change how your followers view your company as a whole. Stay responsive, stay active, and stay relevant on social media! 

Everyone can have a different strategy that works for them…these are just a few examples. It all comes down to being true to your following and staying interactive with them. Loyalty doesn’t grow on trees, so get out there and make it happen for you! The more people see you and hear you, the more they will know you. Thus, creating your brand identity through your own personalized strategy. 

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