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If you don’t know already, hashtags are an amazing way to boost your audience! You may not know what hashtags to use, when to use them, or how to use them. No worries! We’re here to tell you why hashtags are so important to growing your brand on social media.

Doing the Research

The easiest way to find hashtags that are best for your brand are to search by industry, topic, or location. So, if you are say, a content creator, you could search for #content in the search bar. Then, make a note of all of the hashtags that generate under #content. Some of these suggestions include: #contentcreator, #contentmarketing, #contentstrategy, and #contentcreation. These are the most used hashtags under the industry category. This can be repeated to search a specific topic of interest or location. 

Reaching Your Audience

Integrating relevant hashtags will help you reach your target audience. Potential clients will find you through your use of these hashtags when they search for similar topics. Another great way to reach your audience is by looking at your competitors. Viewing their posts will help you capture the overall performance of the hashtags they choose. This can assist you with the decision to include a certain hashtag, or to not. Checking out competitors’ pages can also help you find hashtags that you did not think to include! 

How and Where

You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. Going over 30 hashtags can cause an issue with your post, and it may not be accepted. It is suggested that you use at least 15 hashtags to reach a wider audience than those who only use a few. Include hashtags surrounding your industry, the topic your post is about, and your location. This will reach three different search results for those looking for related posts. Hashtags can be placed anywhere throughout your post. In the caption, below the main caption (separated by punctuation marks such as a “.”), or in the comments. Whichever space you feel suits your page, go for it! 

Reviewing Your Success

Knowing your hashtags are working and reaching an audience is not difficult. If you have an Instagram Business account, here is how to monitor it: 1. View your post, 2. Click “View Insights,” 3. Swipe up to view more on your post, 4. Scroll to see “Follows,” “Reach,” and “Impressions.” Here you can evaluate which hashtags performed the best and which posts reached the widest audience! After seeing your performance, you can make note of the best hashtags to use in future posts. 

Hashtags help businesses grow each and every day by reaching out to the target audience by mutual search. If you are looking for a way to grow your brand, some simple hashtag research will help you go a long way on social media platforms!