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If your business is looking for an effective marketing strategy, you have a few different options including a boutique agency and a full-service agency. Both of which bring something beneficial to the table. Before making a decision, it is a good idea to weigh your budget and overall marketing needs. 

Full-Service Agency

A full-service agency is a marketing agency that provides an all-inclusive service package. These companies are experienced in all aspects of marketing that your company may need. With a full-service agency you can get a lot for your money, all in one place. 

They may also include good deals depending on the package you need and how much you are looking to hire out for. If you are working with a lower budget, a full-service option may be best for you. These agencies may not always be quick to respond, but they are always able to fulfill your requests as they have a large number of employees to work on your behalf. 

If you don’t feel like you have any time to put into your marketing strategy, a full-service agency would be a great option for you. If your business needs your undivided attention on another project, choosing a full-service agency will benefit you by saving time on marketing. 

Boutique Creative Agency

A boutique creative agency is a smaller company that is more likely to work closely with clients to create a unique strategy. These agencies often work with smaller businesses, because they are most likely a small business themselves. This creates a more personal relationship without overhead costs or doing business with big corporations. 

Though most smaller companies work with boutique agencies, this doesn’t mean bigger businesses won’t benefit from choosing them as well. Boutique agencies are focused on their clients and their satisfaction. So, working closely with them can certainly benefit any size business! Boutique agencies are also very responsive and look forward to your input. They are sure your voice is heard and allow adjustments to be made. 

With this being said, boutique creative agencies encourage your review and participation. So, be sure you have enough time to set aside to do so! If you are an attention-to-detail type, a boutique agency would be a better fit for your business. 

Hopefully, you have an idea about which agency will best suit your marketing needs. Any business size can benefit differently from either a boutique or full-service agency. Set a budget, lay out growth potential and goals, and narrow down your needs to choose what will work best for your brand! This should give you a clearer picture of which will execute your project most efficiently. 

If you feel that you want to use both, do so! You can always hire out according to what you think is best for your business. That includes hiring two agencies for varying projects. Do what is best for your business in order to get the outcome you are looking for! 

Don Creative Group is a boutique creative agency located in Lutz, Florida. We love helping small businesses showcase their brand through brand identity, website development, social media, and more.

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