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Social media is a huge part of promoting and maintaining your business. Your Instagram image represents who you are as a brand and what you do. According to Statista, Instagram has about 1 billion monthly active users. 

In order to have a recognizable Instagram profile, it is important to: Use a username that is unique and identifiable, Add a profile picture that is recognizable, Stay active on posts, and Write a Bio that gives information to your viewers.

Public Profile

If you are looking to reach out to a larger audience on social media, be sure to make your profile public. Setting your page to the public allows others to see your content without following you. Which, in return, can make that person a follower if they like what they see. This allows people access to your content when they are browsing, not just when they are following. If you set your profile to private, you will be missing out on a lot of potential followers and future clients. You can edit your profile name, and bio under the “edit profile” bar on your Instagram page. To make sure your profile is public, check out your settings in the top right corner. 

Recognizable Bio

Now, your profile photo is going to be the first thing someone sees when checking out your page. You want your photo to be recognizable. When someone looks at it, they should think of your brand. It is suggested that you make that photo your logo. This picture will come upon the top of a follower’s story feed, and you want them to know it is you! Using your logo can ensure you do not go unnoticed. Be sure your logo is centered because Instagram crops that photo into a circle. You want your photo to be clear and large enough to identify. 

Personalized Bio

As for your bio, you have 150 characters to let people know who you are as a brand. Keep it short and sweet! Try to bring out your business’ personality and mood in your bio. You can also add your website to your bio to bring followers to a more detailed space for further information. This link can be changed to any page you want your viewers to be directed to, such as a blog, story, testimonials, or website home page. 

Content Creation

Content is key. Staying up to date on weekly posts and stories is so important when trying to grow your brand. Using high-quality photos and staying with a theme can attract viewers to come back to your page more frequently. Try to stick with the same filters and edits on all photos to create consistency. Don’t forget, your Instagram profile is a visual representation of your company and your brand. Put in the time to create content that you want people to remember! 

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