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Launching a website that sends people on wild goose chases via broken links or incomplete pages not only looks unprofessional but it wastes peoples’ time and is unlikely to convert a potential customer. 

At the bare minimum, your webpage should have 5 key elements, including an “About” page, a contact form, social media buttons, a Call-to-Action (CTA), and customer reviews. 

The “About” Page

The “About” Page is pretty self-explanatory: it serves the purpose of describing what your business is all about. You can use this page to tell visitors how your company got started, what your mission or values are, and how your products and services can provide solutions for your target audience. 

Contact Info

Making your contact info easily accessible to your website visitors is super important. If there’s no way for customers to reach you, you won’t have any business, it’s as simple as that! Test and double check any links or forms to make sure that they are clickable and that you receive information on your end after people input and send their messages.

You can dedicate an entire page to your contact info, which ideally should include an email address, telephone number, and business address (especially important if you are a brick-and-mortar business). It is also helpful to add a simple contact form where people can easily send any questions or comments they might have directly from your website.

Social Media Buttons

If you’re not already engaged in some sort of social media marketing, now is the time to start. By not using social media, you are missing out on potentially hundreds (if not thousands!) of new customers. When you link your social media platforms to your business website, you are creating a way to painlessly generate more traffic to your sites–which is a great way to increase your customer base!

Adding social media buttons is a quick and simple way for visitors to access you on whatever platforms you have a presence. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all popular social media platforms that can help you to grow your business.


If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a new restaurant and scanned a review site to see if it was worth your time and energy, then you know the power of reviews. You can create a page strictly for reviews, as well as adding a widget that displays an assortment of testimonials on your home page. 


A Call-to-Action (or CTA) is one of the best ways to build your email list and client base. A successful CTA is a statement that is designed to entice prospective customers to complete a specific request in exchange for information, an offer, or a sale.

CTAs are a key part of an effective marketing strategy, and a good CTA will function as a lead generator by directing customers to the next part of your sales funnel. Consider including a CTA on each of your website pages to ensure maximum visibility. 

Here at Don Creative Group, we excel at all things website: from development to hosting to maintenance. We provide site mapping, front-end design, backend development, and prototype and launch services. 

If you are a small to a medium-sized company looking to grow your business and create higher earnings, creating a functional and visually appealing website can be as effortless as giving us a call today!