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Think back to the first website you ever came across. If you were born before the age of the internet, chances are that website looked a little janky. As in one long page of text that you had to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find what you were looking for, text that was hard to read on top of whatever kooky pattern the developer chose for the background, and maybe a nice Jimmy Buffet song playing on repeat as you read.

Well, the times, they have a-changed, and website design has come a long way since those first carefree days of DIY HTML coding. A few important design tips for making your website look its best include easy readability, proper use of white space, using high-quality images and short, catchy titles, dedicating your website to one font, and committing to a three-color palette. 

Easy Readability

If people can’t read your text, they’re not going to stay on your website. Make sure your font size is large enough to easily read, and break up text blocks by making paragraphs short and sweet. 

Proper Use of White Space

Make sure your website isn’t clogged with a crazy-making amount of text and images. Use white space to make your website look sleeker and to give the eyes a break from content.

High-Quality Images

Use relevant, engaging, high-resolution images to catch your reader’s eye and keep them interested in your content. Make sure to size the images so that they are aesthetically appealing and avoid using fuzzy or pixelated photos on your website.

Short Titles

We live in a short-attention-span world, making short and catchy titles crucial for maintaining the concentration of your website visitors. Make your titles relevant and descriptive, so that readers understand what kind of information the paragraph following the title will contain. 


We get it, fonts are fun, and there are just so many of them! Wouldn’t it look great if you just used a different font for every page, to demonstrate different moods?! The answer is a resounding NO. Using too many fonts will make your website look frivolous and unprofessional, not to mention affecting its readability. 

Choose one font style and stick with it, your customers will thank you!

Three-Color Palette

When it comes to choosing colors for your website, three is the magic number. If you need help choosing colors, know that there is an entire world of color theory that is used to produce compelling branding, and a company that specializes in brand identity can help!

Here at Don Creative Group, we excel at all things website: from development to hosting to maintenance. We provide site mapping, front-end design, backend development, and prototype and launch services. 

If you are a small to medium-sized company looking to grow your business and create higher earnings, creating a functional and visually appealing website can be as effortless as giving us a call today!