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Responsive website design is an approach aimed at designing a website that is adjustable to mobile and other devices. With more and more people opting to browse and shop on their mobile devices, it is essential to have a website design that adapts to the different layouts of the devices being used.

A user viewing a responsive website on a desktop, a phone, or a tablet, won’t notice any difference in your website’s appearance on their screen.

That being said, let’s look into why it’s essential to have a responsive website design in today’s time –

  1. Get ranked better on Google: Google prefers websites that are responsive and configured to suit pocket devices. If you create 2 websites – one that’s suitable for desktops and other for pocket devices, it not only makes Google work hard to index all the pages, it also creates duplicate content that can harm your SEO ranking.
  2. Cater to Mobile users: Did you know that 89% of the users on the internet spend time on social media through apps and 11% through mobile web?

Having a responsive website allows you to cater to users regardless of what device they are using thereby creating a better user experience.

  1. Easier to manage: Having one website with responsive design is not only affordable on your pocket but also easier to manage thereby freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.
  2. Adapts easily to any screen size: Another benefit of having a responsive website is adaptability to any screen size which also allows you to cater to any new devices being launched in the future and used by your user. Your website will automatically adjust itself to suit the screen size whether it’s in smartwatches or big tablets.

Most websites in earlier times were designed with a fixed width to make the viewing experience pleasant on desktops however when viewed on mobile, it’ll lead to a lot of panning and scrolling thereby leading to unhappy and most likely never to return viewers.

As of April 2015, Google has been prioritizing mobile and responsive websites over non-responsive ones. If your website is not customized to adapt to different screens and devices, it’s time to get an upgrade!

Not sure how? Feel free to reach out and let us help you out.