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Pop-ups can be a great user interaction tool. They can highlight important features of your business both short and long-term on your website. Pop-ups benefit some companies more than others, and there are many things to consider before adding pop-ups to your site. Deciding whether or not to include a pop up on your website can be a tough decision, and here’s why. 


Back in 2017, Google put an update out that would penalize sites with pop-ups. Google does not want to see pop-ups that ask people to sign up for your email list or to download an app. This can affect your website’s ranking and SEO on the Google search engine. Google recommends pop-ups that do not affect content accessibility and that are easily closeable. It is important to stay updated on SEO-friendly options, to be sure your site is not penalized for trying to create further interaction for your users.

User Experience

According to a study by Wisepops, 82% of web users reported they hated pop-ups. Users can often get annoyed by pop-ups and leave your site, which is called the “bounce rate” of your website. This can negatively impact your SEO and ranking on search engines. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use pop-ups, but rather you should use them wisely and only if you feel necessary. 

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are the number of people who saw a pop-up and interacted with it. The average conversion rate on websites is 3.09%. That is only about 3 out of 100 people. Well-known sites may choose to use pop-ups regardless of this minimal percentage. Weighing the benefits of pop-ups and if it suits your brand is individualistic to each company. 

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