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1) Introduction

If you’re reading this blog it seems safe to say that you already know how important consistent content creation is for your website and business. If you want to find a loyal audience it’s important to offer that same loyalty and dedication to your website. Working in Digital Marketing as we do gives an inside peek into how the internet works and how people on the internet work. But we won’t bore you too much with the why and instead want to show you how! Let’s dive into some top tips for creating amazing website content.

2) Our Top 5 Tips on Creating Amazing Website Content

  1. Identify Your Audience
    • A huge part of the creative process of producing content is knowing your audience. Depending on your target market your tone of voice will change, if you’re a law firm you may find that your clients and company most resonate with an informative and professional tone of voice. However, if you’re a makeup and beauty company you may see that your audience connects most with a casual and quirky tone of voice. Listen to yourself, get to know your audience and move forward from there.
  2. Speak In An Active Voice
    • Speaking consistently in an active voice helps drive people to decisions or making that final purchase on your site. People deal with decision anxiety in real life and on the internet – your language can help minimize this. For example, “Book your consultation on our website” is much more understandable, direct and effective than saying “Consultations can be booked on our website.”
  3. Make Your Content Digestible
    • As we become more and more reliant on the internet and social media platforms to connect and organize our lives we also see people’s attention spans becoming shorter and shorter – Facebook revealed that the average attention span of someone on the internet is about 2 seconds, knowing this we know that you have to grab their attention quickly! To prevent confusing and boring readers make sure that each paragraph of written content contains only one idea. People online also seem to love descriptive subheaders, numbered lists and bullets. It’s also important to include enough white space on each page so content feels more readable and easier on the eyes.
  4. Use a Direct CTA
    • When we use CTA’s that are direct and understandable we eliminate some of that decision anxiety/overwhelm we touched on earlier. Call to actions like “Read More Here” “Sign Up Below” “Join Our Network Today” and “Download Here” direct your readers to that page or final purchase on your site.
  5. Ensure Easy and Efficient Navigation.
    • Creating quality content goes beyond the written or visual content – the usability of your site will be a huge determining factor of whether readers stay on your site or close the tab. Adding internal links to your site is an easy way to do this coupled with hyperlinking and CTA buttons that stand out for the eye to see.

3) How DCG Does It All For You

Here at Don Creative Group we have a powerhouse team with years of experience behind each one of us. Our team works together to create quality content that sounds good, looks good and functions beautifully too. We’ve shared just a few tips here but we know there’s so much more to it and we know you are busy with your businesses, let us take it off your plate. Chat with us today and let’s talk about how we can help you and your business boom.