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1) Introduction

Just as it’s important to invest in professional website development, it is equally important to invest in professional website maintenance. Ensuring that your site is secure, well-maintained, user friendly and up to date is the key to success, now and further down the line. Website maintenance is more than just making sure your current website looks good and functions well but also being on the lookout for areas of improvement and making regular updates.

2) Why Website Maintenance Is Essential

There’s an almost endless list of reasons why website maintenance is important but today we’ll dive into just a few.

  1. Security
    • Whether you’re running a more simple WordPress site or working on a huge storefront, it’s vital that you protect your website. Regular maintenance checks on your security measures are necessary and it doesn’t hurt to add in a few more security measures (like a limited amount of incorrect logins per IP address).
  2. Accurate Content
    • Doing a regular audit of the content on your site helps you ensure that your website accurately reflects your brand, ethos, audience and the leading topics in your industry. There’s also a more administrative side to these content audits though, they’re also necessary should you have changes happen in the flow of business because of seasonal hours, certifications, promotions, policies or new offerings.
  3. Functionality
    • Making sure your website is functional and easy to use is one of the most important aspects of website maintenance. It is key that you run regular checks on your form fields, plug-ins, special scripts and any other installed tools. We would suggest that anyone with a website does consistent review and testing (especially when doing any upgrades) to ensure that everything runs smoothly for every site visit.
  4. Audience Engagement
    • Also one of the most important steps for any successful website, dedicating time to audience engagement will drive up organic traffic to your site. Website maintenance is largely technical however, making sure that your site is filled with content that your audience truly wants to engage with is crucial. What good is a well functioning website if no one is reading what’s on it?
  5. Backups
    • We all know the age old saying, hope for the best but prepare for the worst, right? It may be well over 100 years old but still resonates today. It especially resonates with people who work online, for most people their website is the final stop for their prospects before they become customers. Anyone with a website needs to do regular backups (either manual or automatic) just in case of any mishaps or hacks, so that site restoration can be easily done.

3) How We Do It For You

Anyone could feel overwhelmed trying to take all of this on by themselves, but lucky you, we do it for you! At Don Creative Group we have a powerhouse of a team made up of industry professionals. Each member is dedicated to and experienced in different aspects of Digital Marketing along with Website Development and maintenance, so that our clients receive only the best service and get only the highest quality content from our dream team. Book your call today and let’s get your best possible website underway!