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1) What do Ukraine’s attacks have to do with online safety?

In the last year Ukraine has undergone a host of attacks, both physically and online. The country has been hit with invasions across the board and that includes online invasions. According to a Ukrainian cybersecurity expert, in February of 2022, Ukraine was hit with a cyberattack along with two others on the country’s top banks.

While it’s easy to draw the parallels between a country’s cyber security and their national security, we may not feel the same alarm or concern over our own websites. But we should, in a world where people will grasp at any straws to make money and get through another day, we have to remember that the desperate times we live in often lead to desperate measures. Those desperate measures may not just look like a home robbery but can come in the form of hackers breaking into your website to send out spam emails (which a lot of people use to make money). And while the hacker may get through another day thanks to that breach, your website, what you’ve built and your clients and those connected to your site will not be the same. Rebuilding your site and filing claims and submitting a million reports to gain full access back to your site is something no business owner wants – but it’s what may just happen if you become the victim of a cyber attack.

2) How do I avoid these hacks and attacks?

Signing your website up for website maintenance is one of the sure-fire ways to not only protect your site but to make sure it is always running smoothly. Website maintenance comes in the form of security measures and general functioning (among other things like web design and development). When you have someone that specializes in Website Maintenance running these checks and taking these extra measures, you are guaranteed more thorough protection and security, because unlike a free antivirus or VPN add on, website maintenance is done by people who have studied these fields and will do manual checks to make sure everything looks good, is running smoothly and that all you and your client’s information stays safe and protected.

This is part of what we do here at DCG, we take care of anything and everything from web to social. Protecting our clients from hackers and bringing life to their brand go hand-in-hand. Start your new (safe) path in business with us today!