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1) What Is WordPress and Why Is It So Popular?

Now if you’ve been on the internet in the last few years there is no doubt that you’ve heard of or used a WordPress site. WordPress is used by countless companies and people across the world to claim their space online – whether it be a personal blog or an official business site. WordPress is one of the highest ranking Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. With WordPress’ popularity comes one downside – hackers love it too and they love breaking and entering in these digital spaces. These hackers can hijack your site, create script injections and even incite cyber espionage. Sounds scary huh? And it is scary! As a business owner you may be a great entrepreneur but know nothing about cyber security and that can do a whole lot of damage – a hack can cost you a lot of money and a lot of customers.

2) How Do I Secure My WordPress Site?

  • First things first, keep your site updated! Just as your computer starts acting up and slowing down each time you skip a system upgrade, so do sites like WordPress, and that’s why it is key to update your site whenever a new version of WordPress is released. These updates fix holes and bugs in the system while improving overall performance and efficiency.
  • Limit your logins! Hackers will often try to engage a brute force attack on your website by trying every possible combination of characters till one works and they’ve gotten into the site. When you set a limit on the amount of logins on your WordPress account you gain more control over your site. You do this by installing a WP limit login plug-in which works by blocking any IP address that exceeds the threshold of login attempts therefore booting any hackers off your site for good!
  • Have Granular Permission Control! This is a feature on WP that allows you to control who does what on WordPress. This allows you to restrict access to certain pages and content – a feature like this is especially useful when you run a membership site and don’t want your members to see the content of other members.

3) How We Do It All and More For Our Clients

At Don Creative we have our in-house Website Developer supported by the rest of our team to not only create a site that looks beautiful and functions beautifully but also a site that is safe and protected. We’ve shared just a few easy tips on website security here but like in life, we also need a Plan B and sometimes a Plan C and D. We set up multiple levels and layers of security and protection when developing your website to secure all information and everyone involved. Help us, help you build layers of digital protection today!