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Keeping old contacts and creating new ones is an important aspect of growing your business. A lot of people opt out of emails over time or no longer use the address they provided. Your contacts will stay, but you have to make them want to!


Staying fresh and up to date with your email content will keep people interested. One way to make emails more interactive is by adding an option to “share” the email with others. This allows your users to spread your content to their friends and connections, thus widening your audience! It is also a good idea to release an email offering the option to “re-opt in” to receiving your emails. This can clear out any contacts that are not staying active with your content. Though you may think getting rid of potential customers is a negative thing, this can actually improve your numbers by staying in contact with only those who view your emails and interact.


A blog is one example of content creation that can spark interest! With various topics to discuss, blogs offer multiple possibilities for engagement. Each topic will resonate with different people, which can attract different audiences. You can also offer a blog subscription by email to keep readers updated. Another great example is the use of social media to promote your brand. You can use special promotions or offers as a way to collect email addresses by requiring people to provide one to participate. 


Using a resource to link people to your content can be very beneficial. This can provide a place for them to insert their email address without clicking other links to get there. It would be a great idea to consider placing a box directly on your webpage to insert an email for more information on a topic. It is also important to keep your contacts engaged in your website! One way to keep your website interactive is to offer feedback or a way to ask further questions. Including the positive reviews on your webpage can create a realistic view of your brand. People may feel 50/50 on submitting their email information to you, but reading great reviews on your company can help sway them to follow through.

The best ways to grow your email list are to truly engage your audience in your content. If people do not enjoy what they are reading or seeing, they will not provide you with any information. Keeping your website, blogs, and social media pages realistic can be a great way to create a sense of relationship with your audience. When people see your personality, they will be more likely to provide you with information on themselves! 

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